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8 Signs That Your Clutch May Be on Its Way Out

clutch disc and coverHaving a bad clutch may be the result of poor habits in hill-ridden or heavily congested areas. But it is also one of those parts that has a limited lifespan and will not last forever. If you notice that your clutch is slipping, what other kinds of problems are symptomatic of deeper issues?

In this article we look at some of the most common tell-tale signs that your clutch is on its way out. Continue reading

Lucky for Some? How to Clean Bird Poop Off Your Car

bird poop on a carBeing splattered by bird poop is considered to be lucky for some. But perhaps not so much for your car’s paintwork if it falls victim to a flying attack. And with birds migrating home for the spring, it doesn’t take a BBC expert to predict an increase in this problem.

Of course, bird poop isn’t simply a comedy problem. The chemicals in the poop have the power to erode small areas of the paint, leaving stains on your bodywork or even causing permanent damage to your glowing and shiny paint job. Continue reading

How to Locate and Replace Your Car’s Fuse

car fuse boxShould your car’s electrical system experience an overload then the most probable result is a blown fuse. This is usually the result of issues within your car such as a short circuit where a worn cable could be touching the bodywork of the car. Blown fuses may be a little annoying, but they are actually a preventative measure that stops your car from further damage and potentially even catching fire.

How do you know when a fuse is blown? The most obvious sign will be the failure of your electrical appliances in the car, such as the windows ceasing to operate correctly, the car radio stopping or the dashboard lights no longer illuminating properly, without any previous signs of problems or fatigue. Continue reading

The 6 Deadly Sins: Bad Driving Practices

deadly sins signpostCars are undoubtedly rather expensive. You might do all the right things in terms of servicing and regular maintenance, but if you have bad habits on the road you could be wasting all that expenditure. Laziness and carelessness are not only dangerous behaviour behind the wheel, but lack of due attention could cause your car to wear out faster and make you into a hazard for other road users.

Of course, nobody is perfect, so here is our list of the 6 deadly sins. Each one appertains to some of the main parts in your vehicle and the behaviours that cause all the problems. Continue reading

Getting Rid Of Smoking Smells in Your Car

smoke from car air ventsYou want to buy a second hand car. You love the look and the feel behind the wheel. And it’s a great price. There’s one little problem however. The car itself stinks of second hand smoke. What can you do to freshen up the vehicle and get it smelling like a floating flower rather than an ashtray on wheels?

Even if you haven’t really bought a second hand car and you’re one of the few people out there who still sparks up, use the advice in our article to help you remove the stench of old dog ends from your wheels. Continue reading

How To Diagnose Common Problems With Your Brakes

brake padsMany car parts have a limited lifespan such as the oil filter and lights. However amongst the most important are the brake pads, which are responsible for slowing and stopping your moving vehicle. Old and degraded pads will put metres on your braking distances, which in a worst case scenario could be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Brakes wear out quickly and depending on your use can only last a short while, especially if you drive frequently around inner city areas during peak times. As a result regular checks will help you ensure that your brake pads are in good reliable working order. Continue reading

Our Best 8 Used Convertibles for Under £2K

driving in a convertibleSpring is here and summer is coming. Even though the rest of the world and their dog might be looking at purchasing a convertible, this might not be too bad an idea. After all, this article caught your attention so you’re probably considering getting some top-down motoring into your life anyway.

Furnish yourself with the information you need to make a sensible buy. With our best 8 used convertibles you should be able to find something that suits your style and needs – whilst looking good on the road. Everything we have looked at ranges from stylish to downright elegant, so with the look guaranteed, it’s all about finding the performance, reliability and comfort that suits you. Continue reading

How to Save On Your Car Insurance

saving money on car insuranceIt is all too easy to let your car insurance simply roll over. But did you know these auto-renewal rates can be much higher than you expected? Cash hungry companies can often prey on people’s laziness to slip through higher premiums than you’ll find elsewhere in the market. Fortunately, it’s very easy to shop around and make a saving.

Many people are feeling the pinch with the current economic climate in the UK, so reviewing your options is becoming more important than ever. At the very least you could be equipped with the necessary leverage to negotiate with your current supplier. If you can give them a comparative rate from one of their competitors, this could see you getting a drop in price.

How should you be going about searching out new rates? What’s the best and most efficient way to find a great price for your car insurance? Continue reading

How to Clean Your Car Windows

cleaning car windowsEnsuring visibility when you’re out on the open road is essential. No one can be in any doubt that even the slightest smear on your window can impact clarity, especially at high speeds or in tight situations. And let’s face it, people are judging you on the state of your car, so it’s worth noting that clean windows give you a better-looking vehicle.

Cleaning your windows regularly means that you have a better awareness of other road users reducing your chances of a driver error or accident. But what’s the best way to go about cleaning your glass? Continue reading

Replacing Your Car Battery

replacing a car batteryThe car battery gives your engine the vital kick of energy needed to get started and works in tandem with the electrics when out on the road. Like everything in life, this essential piece of auto equipment won’t last forever and when the death throes kick in, such as the engine not turning over or when the headlights start dimming, it’s time to start looking for a replacement.

Thankfully batteries are designed to be replaced. They are easy to access in 90% of cars and only slightly tricky in the remaining 10%, making this an ideal project for even the most novice mechanical minds out there. And to help make the task even easier, why not consult this simple 6-point guide? Continue reading