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The How to Buy A Car On eBay Guide

buy a car on eBay From rare 50p pieces through to imitation Rod Stewart tartan trousers, you can buy almost anything on eBay. And unsurprisingly more people are turning to this popular e-Commerce platform to find a good motoring bargain.

Believe it or not eBay is actually growing in popularity as a second-hand car sales outlet and it’s also the place to go for rare motors and the so-called barn finds. With over 20 years of history, it’s a real veteran of the internet, giving it a high level of trust with all its buyers.

Like all sales outlets there are deals to be had and pitfalls to avoid – which are a whole lot easier to navigate with the aid of our handy guide. Continue reading

Learn These 16 Ways You Can Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Car Mechanic

Car mechanic holding spanners Believe it or not garages are now overcharging men, blondes and older people according to a recent survey. With cars getting increasingly technical thanks to computer control systems and non-serviceable parts, it can be tough to understand what’s going on under the bonnet, giving your mechanic a knowledge advantage if they are looking to overcharge on parts or labour.

So what can be done about it? Obviously changing your gender, hair colour or dress style is out of the question, but there are certain ways of approaching a car mechanic that greatly reduces the chance of you paying over the odds. In this article we explore some of the easiest action points you can employ to avoid unscrupulous mechanics. Continue reading

Guide to Buying Replacement Car Parts

Assortment of car parts

Cars go wrong all the time. The stresses and strains created by modern motoring on today’s vehicles means that parts naturally wear out due to no fault of the owner. Getting faulty car parts diagnosed and replaced by professional motor shops can be expensive and time consuming, so you’ll be pleased to find out there is another way. Purchasing and installing second hand car parts is now easier than ever with internet sites that link you to a network of sellers. This can help you find even the trickiest-to-source parts.

In this guide to buying second hand car parts, we give you all the information you could possibly need to find a good source of reputable parts and install them yourself. Continue reading

The History of Breaker Agencies

BreakerLink Logo

Obviously the web has had a massive effect on all kinds of business, some more than others. In most cases it been great for bringing customers and clients together who would have never previously met. This certainly has been true for the second hand car spares trade where car owners hungry for inexpensive parts can now be united with dealers all over the country.

People have always used second hand goods for all kinds of things. Running a car has always been pretty costly, especially in terms of petrol, tax, insurance and MOTs, and that’s before you consider that you might have a breakdown. Continue reading