BreakerLink Now Offers Free SMS Quotation Service

text-quoteWe are happy to announce that our text message update service is now completely free. This follows our recent site re-design where we streamlined the interface and graphics to bring the portal up to date with the current visual vogues on the net. We believe our decision to drop all charges for their SMS service sets us apart from our competitors and offers our customers what is fast becoming the best value service of any cloud based parts supplier.

In the past we would charge a small fee for this text messaging service, which supplies quotes directly to customers’ mobile devices. This means that interested clients are notified the moment a certain part becomes available, which can be extremely helpful if they are searching for a rare or obscure part that is difficult to find for an uncommon vehicle. As many customers are not always in front of their computer or laptop this is a convenient and easy way to receive updates.

Justin, our company’s managing director, had this to say about our recent decision to drop the charge: “We are always looking to make BreakerLink as competitive and useful as possible. In many ways the SMS charge was a hang-over from the days of heavy mobile usage and following our site’s recent re-design we wanted to make sure that every aspect of our service runs as smooth and efficient as possible for our customers.”

Our service has been set up to make sure that customers can receive their quotes within a matter of minutes. Justin went on to add “when your vehicle is off road due to a parts failure it can be a frustrating and a difficult time that can add hours onto your already busy working day. We want our customers to know that their wait is over the moment a part is ready so that they can plan to get their vehicle in the workshop and get it operational again.”

Buyers can purchase parts securely online using the PayPal transactional system that is set up on our site. This allows customers to benefit from the standard buyer protection offered by this online payment processor, which stops third parties from intercepting or stealing the details of financial transactions which could be used in the future to commit fraud.

One thing that has not changed about our service is the high standard of care they have always offered their customers. It is still possible to receive quotes from all around the UK and other European destinations with a national and international delivery available. All the parts are supplied by the breakers registered with our site also come with a minimum guarantee of thirty days.

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