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breakerlink-home-desktopWe are pleased to unveil our site’s new design. It features a new look logo, colour-scheme and on-site functionality that streamlines the user experience, helping our potential customers retrieve the information they need to make a purchasing decision. The site is still broken down into the same easy-to use sections, giving visitors a number of different options to access the details held on the site and in making requests for a required car part.

Justin, our Managing Director, had the following to say on the new design – “although the site’s functionality is essentially the same, we felt it was time to give the interface and graphics a fresh new look.”

He went on to add “The old site had served us well, but it was becoming apparent that visitors were expecting something more in line with the current trends on the web. The new design therefore takes the BreakerLink brand ahead of the competition, not only providing users with low cost car parts, but also an attractive and intuitive interface”.

There are also going to be some changes in the way requests are processed. Justin said of the developments “It will also be possible for customers to receive quotes by text message, completely free of charge. This is a 100% no cost service. Whilst this just a small point, I would like to mention it as not many car part finders services offer this for free.”

Our site has been streamlined to allow visitors to quickly and effectively submit a request for a required part, with an easy to use form on the front page. Used car part sellers will then receive this request alongside the customer details and can use the site as an intermediary to find new customers.


With an increasing amount of web users now turning to their mobile device for internet services, we have also tweaked our site to work with smartphones and tablets. The site is fully responsive and can re-size to fit the screen of the visitor’s device and the request form can be easily filled in using a manual input to enter the data in exactly the same way as on the main site.

Our site also features a fresh look at the latest developments within the motoring industry alongside tips on safe driving in their blog section. Alongside this visitors can also find all the necessary social medial tools to re-tweet, like and share or even send content they like to the popular Stumble Upon platform.

As a final note Justin stated “we were already a popular source for second hand car parts on the web and we believe that with this new design we are only going to go from strength to strength. No matter what part you’re looking for there is a very good chance that we can help you find the right breaker to supply you with a quality spare at the right price.”

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As the man at the helm of BreakerLink, it is no surprise that its Director, Justin Smith, has always had a keen interest in cars, bikes and most things wheeled. Having spent over two decades in the car parts industry, Justin combines his passion that since 2002, has successfully united those looking for new and used car parts with the breaker that supplies them. Follow Justin on LinkedIn.

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