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7 Vehicle Steering Warning Signs

lady with a steering wheel

Having a responsive, powerful steering system is absolutely essential for the modern motorist. Urban travel can be so demanding that vehicles need to be extremely responsive. The parts that helps ensure the drivers actions at the wheel are quickly translated into movement is the steering column and steering rack.

The steering system connects the driving wheel to the steering. It is designed to take the force of a collision and dissipate the energy in the event of an impact to the front of your vehicle. Therefore a steering failure can be a particularly dangerous situation, especially if it happens whilst you’re behind the wheel. However, with a little care and attention – you can stay on top of the condition of these parts – by keeping one eye open for the following symptoms.

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7 Signs You Car’s Suspension is Failing

suspension on a car

Suspension is all about giving your car a smooth ride. Can you imagine what it must have felt like for those first motoring pioneers as they bumped and rocked their way over every single shingle and nook in the road? Nowadays, we barely notice a crevice or the smaller pot holes thanks to the high design quality and engineering of our shocks and springs.

However, suspension is about more than keeping you from being jostled and pushed around in the driving seat. Did you know that this system also helps keep your wheels in contact with the asphalt, improving traction? Which can result in an increase of stopping distances by up to 20% if the system is worn or broken.

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How to Tow a Broken Down Car

how to tow a car

At some point in your life you might need a tow. Whether that’s because of a breakdown now, or your electrical car runs out of juice in the future, there’s no better way to get a downed vehicle off the road. Especially if you don’t have breakdown cover.

And there are times when your safety might be compromised, if you leave a broken down car on the road. You could need a quick tow to a safe place. Other times you may still need to be towed by the breakdown company. How do you get towed safely?

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What to Do if You Have a Car Accident?

reporting a car accident

No one wants to have a crash. But as the saying goes accidents do happen. And the more you’re out on the road, the more likely it is that you’ll either make an error of judgement, or perhaps be on the receiving end of someone else’s.

If you are involved in a crash the number one rule is to stay calm and cool. It’s a high pressure situation where people are likely to be shocked, scared and even a little angry. However, with some  preparation and fore-knowledge it’s possible to make this bad situation more than bearable. Consider the following information:

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13 Signs Your Cam Belt could be Failing

cam belt on a car

Replacing your cam belt is a vital part of your car’s maintenance schedule. Leave it to break, and you could cause untold damage to the rest of the car. If it fails, then the knock on effects can cause the engine’s pistons and valves to collide. Your car will break down, and it’s likely that the repair bill will be very hefty.

Yes, replacing the cam belt comes in at a significant cost. Which is why people might choose to ignore the warning signs. Remember however, that a written off engine is far more problematic.

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Dealing with Skids – Staying in Control

car in a skid on a sign

Skids are more likely to occur when there is a loss of friction and therefore traction on the roads. Snow, ice and water can cause a lack of proper grip on the tarmac causing your car to slip and slide.

Throw understeer, oversteer, acceleration and braking into the mix and you could have difficulty controlling your vehicle. When this happens it’s vital you remain calm. Even if you can’t avoid an accident, you can reduce the danger to yourself and others – by taking remedial action.

How can you avoid getting into a skid – and more importantly, what can you do if you should find yourself in one of the two different types of skid, oversteer or understeer?

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How to Get Your Vehicle Unstuck from the Snow

car stuck in the snow

It’s a rare year in the UK when there’s no snow whatsoever. All too often a sudden flurry or storm can take the local services by surprise, making roads treacherous and difficult. Even if the council manages to deploy the gritters at short notice, then they probably won’t touch the side roads – making it too easy to get stuck in the snow.

Some cars have a winch, to help to pull your vehicle free from deeper drifts, and the RAC, AA or even your local towing company can help free you from the powder. But if none of these are an option for you, what’s the best way to free your vehicle?

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Signs You Car’s Wheel Bearings Are Failing

wheel hub bearing

Wheel bearings on older cars used to make a load of noise when they started having problems. These searing sonics would alert you to problems with the part and you could have them looked at before they became a major issue. Now, with all the soundproofing on the modern motor, it can be tough to distinguish bearing problems from tyre noise. However, if there’s a rumbling or grinding, accompanied by wobbling steering or uneven wear on your tyres – then wheel bearings could be to blame. In this article we go through some of the main danger signs.

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What to do if Your Car Breaks Down

Car breakdown

Being in a car can often give you the illusion of protection and invulnerability. You’re so separated from the outside world you can forget the more pertinent realities of the situation. Many people even drive their cars with warning lights lit up on the dash, or other dangerous symptoms. However, whether you know it’s coming or it arrives like a bolt from the blue, the last thing you want to deal with is a car breakdown.

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