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How to Clean Your Car’s Engine Bay

cleaning an engine bay

Does a clean engine bay matter if you never see underneath the bonnet? Believe it or not there are several benefits to cleaning your engine bay. Dirt and grit could cause the pulleys and bearings to wear out prematurely or could even hide serious issues like gasket leaks.

A clean engine bay helps the engine stay cooler, pushes up your efficiency and keeping your resale value at the higher end of the wedge. The trick with cleaning is not to be scared of damaging the engine, as it is designed to take a load of punishment. But draw the line at power hosing as this can take off a little more than a layer of grease. As long as you take care whilst cleaning this can be incredibly good for your engine.

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How to Clean Your Tyres and Wheels

cleaning wheelsCleaning your tyres and wheels isn’t only a cosmetic measure. Of course, your car will be more imposing with freshly shined rims and black tyres, but as with many instances of car care there is a deeper reason for ensuring your wheels are grime free. Brake dust can damage your wheels and should be regularly removed to prevent fatigue, and cleaning protects your tyres from weathering and cracking.

It is advisable to clean your wheels at least every other time you wash your car or every two weeks. Follow our step by step guide to not only get the cleanest and shiniest look for your wheels but to also give them that long term protection. Continue reading

Keeping Your Convertible’s Soft Top Clean

cleaning a convertible roofKeeping Your Convertible’s Soft Top CleanNow that summer’s starting to emerge from the cold clutches of winter it’s time to get out in your convertible. However, you might find that the dirt accumulated on the soft roof over the winter from all the grit and muddy water on the road. Looking good is the whole point of owning one of these cars, so not cleaning the canopy is most probably not an option.

Whilst is can be a hassle to keep the roof clean, it can deteriorate if not looked after properly. Fortunately, we have put together another of our now internet-famous guides to help you get the muck and filth off your soft top. Convertible soft tops come in two different types. Vinyl and canvas. Each material has different cleaning requirements and it’s important to know the difference, as you could make an expensive mistake with the wrong cleaning techniques and products. Continue reading

Lucky for Some? How to Clean Bird Poop Off Your Car

bird poop on a carBeing splattered by bird poop is considered to be lucky for some. But perhaps not so much for your car’s paintwork if it falls victim to a flying attack. And with birds migrating home for the spring, it doesn’t take a BBC expert to predict an increase in this problem.

Of course, bird poop isn’t simply a comedy problem. The chemicals in the poop have the power to erode small areas of the paint, leaving stains on your bodywork or even causing permanent damage to your glowing and shiny paint job. Continue reading

How to Clean Your Car Windows

cleaning car windowsEnsuring visibility when you’re out on the open road is essential. No one can be in any doubt that even the slightest smear on your window can impact clarity, especially at high speeds or in tight situations. And let’s face it, people are judging you on the state of your car, so it’s worth noting that clean windows give you a better-looking vehicle.

Cleaning your windows regularly means that you have a better awareness of other road users reducing your chances of a driver error or accident. But what’s the best way to go about cleaning your glass? Continue reading

11 Ways to Help Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

man cleaning car interiorWinter is well and truly here. There is no getting around it, all we can do is deal with the multiple implications of the cold. You might think that the warm cabin of your car is something of a sanctuary in the face of the freeze, but if you don’t take the proper precautions, you could drag a slice of ice into the compartment with you.

Never fear because we have some practical tips that could help you stay on top of the battle against the elements during the colder snaps. Use our advice to make sure that you do not fall foul of water, salt, snow and all the other wintertime wonders that haunt us at this time of year. Continue reading