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Our 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits

Annoyed driver

Getting irate behind the wheel of your car is never a good thing, but sometimes people act so erratically and stupid there is no other response than to get a little vexed. There are mistakes that drivers make that are accidental, and there are others that can only be interpreted as downright treachery. In this article we take a good look at some of the worst driving habits you’ll find on the UK’s roads today.

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Tips for Safe Driving at Night

car driving at night

So far this year we have told you how to replace your headlight bulbs to make sure you have full brightness on the road. Now it’s time for us to look at how to make sure you’re safe when behind the wheel and the sun has gone off on its merry way.

There may be less traffic about at night but unfortunately this darkened time is when most of the accidents happen. This is because of reduced visibility and increased difficulty in judging speed and distance when the light is poor.

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Our Guide to Motorway Driving

busy motorwayGetting out there on the motorway for the first time or even if it has been a while can be daunting. With the constant flow of traffic, it takes time to get used to the constant changing lanes and big trucks if you are only acclimatised to our single lane roads. However you can consult our guide for newbies to help you out. Continue reading

Driving with Hayfever

driving with hayfeverThe suns out, the fields are dry and the pollen is filling the air. If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who suffer from hayfever then the best months of the year hold a hidden problem.

Having the windows open as you drive through the country could lead to you sniffling and your eyes itching up. Whilst some might think this is a minor complaint, sneezing whilst out on the road can be dangerous, especially when driving at speed. Continue reading

The 6 Deadly Sins: Bad Driving Practices

deadly sins signpostCars are undoubtedly rather expensive. You might do all the right things in terms of servicing and regular maintenance, but if you have bad habits on the road you could be wasting all that expenditure. Laziness and carelessness are not only dangerous behaviour behind the wheel, but lack of due attention could cause your car to wear out faster and make you into a hazard for other road users.

Of course, nobody is perfect, so here is our list of the 6 deadly sins. Each one appertains to some of the main parts in your vehicle and the behaviours that cause all the problems. Continue reading

Our Top 10 New Year’s Driving Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsChristmas is out of the way and New Year is upon us. As you hold your dram of whiskey in the air and sing out your allusions to the great Robert Burns, the next thing on the seasonal list is making a resolution. Whilst most people like to make a commitment to personal change – we thought you might want to try something different this year, and look at the way you use your car and drive it around.

We have taken the top ten New Year’s resolutions that are commonly made by residents of the UK, and put our own automotive spin on these self-made promises. See if any of them take your fancy, and allow you to pile on the pies, whilst you put all the emphasis on a change in motoring. Continue reading

A Guide to Driving Abroad

car key travel documents and map for driving abroadWhether you are thinking of driving your own car on a holiday or hiring a car for a business trip, there are a number of factors you have to take into account when on foreign roads. Everyone knows that each separate nation has varying laws and this is no different on their highways.

Whilst the principles of driving still remain the same, it pays to acclimatise yourself with the specific laws and even the driving culture of your driving destination. Continue reading