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How to Clean Your Tyres and Wheels

cleaning wheelsCleaning your tyres and wheels isn’t only a cosmetic measure. Of course, your car will be more imposing with freshly shined rims and black tyres, but as with many instances of car care there is a deeper reason for ensuring your wheels are grime free. Brake dust can damage your wheels and should be regularly removed to prevent fatigue, and cleaning protects your tyres from weathering and cracking.

It is advisable to clean your wheels at least every other time you wash your car or every two weeks. Follow our step by step guide to not only get the cleanest and shiniest look for your wheels but to also give them that long term protection. Continue reading

What Your Wheel Rims Say About You…

Alloy wheelsOnce upon a time customising your car used to be solely the province of boy racers. Not these days as standing out from the crowd is becoming something for everyone. And one easy way to upgrade part of your vehicle is the rims. You don’t have to be in tune with engine mechanics or mess around with bodywork to change these simple wheel rims.

With so many people now changing their rims, we thought we’d form some broad generalisations about what kind of people opt for the various rims on offer in today’s market. This article takes a wry look at some of the possibilities… Continue reading