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BreakerLink is an advertising platform linking 100s of independent part suppliers, breaker yards and dealers across the UK and Ireland directly to customers. Enter your request and if any of the independent suppliers have your parts in stock, they will contact you with 100% free no obligation quotes by email, text, telephone call or view online, quoting a price along with guarantee period, condition and delivery.

Once you have a few quotes, choose the best quote for you. When you are ready to order, you can order securely online or over the phone with your selected supplier.

Any purchase is between yourself and the independent supplier and they will provide any after sales assistance you require.

Start by simply entering your registration number and we will lookup your basic vehicle details.

Then enter the parts you require. As suppliers are not main dealers, they do not have access to the full database of vehicle and part information for part matching, so please include as much information as possible like any part number(s) and/or image(s). To increase the accuracy of your request, include any extra specific information. (e.g. part, colour, size, type etc)

Then enter your contact details and submit your request to over 100 independent part suppliers.

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Engine Advice
If you are placing a request for an engine, due to the complex nature of engines, the definition engine bare and engine complete varies between suppliers. Engine quotes come with a minimum of head, block and sump only. If you are looking for more items on the engine (such as ancillaries, manifolds, pumps etc), please double check with the supplier what will and will not be included before purchase.

You can start to receive no obligation quotes within minutes, however you may choose to wait a short time to receive the majority of your quotes. While you may choose to wait to receive several quotations from several suppliers, please be aware most suppliers deal in used items, therefore they often only have 1 item which they may quote to several customers. To ensure you obtain the item you require you may need to purchase quickly.

You will receive notifications of your quotes by 100% free email and/or texts. You can also login online to view your quotes and watch them come in.

BreakerLink members will send you BreakerLink branded quotes by email and/or texts. If you receive a phone call from a supplier, note down the company name, name of the person you spoke to, telephone number and price. You can confirm they are a legitimate BreakerLink member by comparing their details against the details in your email/text/online quotes. We advise you only purchase from legitimate BreakerLink members who have quoted you. Remember to check your spam folder in case your quote email has been misplaced.

We do not recommend or endorse any supplier, it is down to the customer’s own discretion to choose whether to purchase and which supplier to purchase from.

When you are ready to choose the right quote for you, as deals vary between independent suppliers, consider not only the price but the guarantee period, condition, delivery timescale and supplier feedback score.

All parts sold from suppliers come with parts only no labour guarantee.

As suppliers are not main dealers, they do not have access to the dealers full database of vehicle and part information for part matching. Suppliers use your vehicle registration details along with their experience and knowledge to provide you with an accurate quote as possible. To help ensure the part is correct use the 'Messages' button to confirm details, part numbers and exchange images.

For any purchase, you will be entering a contract with your selected independent supplier and not with BreakerLink itself. The independent supplier will provide any after sales assistance you require.

You can order securely online or over the phone. Any payment goes directly to the independent supplier and not BreakerLink.

To protect your payment, we recommend you only pay by Debit/Credit Card or PayPal. Never by cash or bank transfer.

We operate a parts location web site only and any fitting services offered or provided by suppliers would be undertaken at your own risk.

We advise that you do not book garage/arrange for fitting of parts, until you have received parts and they have been thoroughly checked and tested.

Quotes should have an estimated delivery timescale. Delivery is estimated as whilst some parts are ready for dispatch quickly, some parts may need to be removed from the donor vehicle which will lead to a slightly longer dispatch.

Delivery is organised by the supplier via their preferred courier. Once the supplier has dispatched your item, the consignment is in the hands of the 3rd party courier. Whilst they make every effort for a speedy delivery, sometimes delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dispatch can be affected by the time of day of ordering. Ordering late in the day could mean your order is processed the next working day.

Working days are Monday to Friday. Weekend delivery may be available but could incur an increased delivery charge.

If you require further information or an update about any delivery, please message the supplier by logging in online and clicking 'View/Send Message' on the relevant quote or call direct. You may wish to request the courier name and the consignment/tracking number so you can follow your orders progress.

It is recommended that all goods be inspected upon delivery before signing. If a parcel appears damaged on arrival, please DECLINE acceptance of goods. If you cannot decline, then please sign the POD as DAMAGED. If parcels opened on arrival and found to be damaged, please sign the POD as DAMAGED. If the driver will not let you open packaging, please sign for parcels as DAMAGED. We advise the customer contact the supplier immediately. If goods arrive but are found to be incorrect the supplier must be contacted within seven days from receipt of the goods.

All parts are purchased from independent suppliers, so parts must be returned to them direct and NOT to BreakerLink.

The item must be returned in the same condition you received it (i.e. item not dismantled or parts removed).

Ensure the item is well packaged to avoid damage in transit, as you are responsible for the items condition and safe delivery.

Check with the supplier for the correct address to return the item to and always include your BreakerLink reference number. If you cannot remember who you purchased from, please check your quote emails/texts or login online.

Ensure to include inside your parcel a note detailing who the item has been returned from and the BreakerLink BL reference number from your parts request. Also attach your from address onto the parcel in case the item does not get delivered to its destination so it can be returned to you.

Finally, ensure you send the item via a signed for tracked service which will provide you with facility to confirm receipt of goods by the supplier. Obtain a receipt for proof of postage. We would also advise to take out cover/insurance to protect you against damage or loss.

Any payment you have made via the BreakerLink service, by telephone or online, goes directly to the independent supplier. Any refunds can only be processed by the supplier directly.

You will need to contact the independent supplier direct to discuss any refunds. Please check your quote emails/texts or login online for your suppliers contact details.

Any potential refunds are not processed until the items are returned to, and inspected by, the supplier first. Click here to read about how to return any items.

Refunds can take up to 14 days from the day the supplier receives the item back.

If no items are being returned suppliers should begin the refund process as soon as possible.

Once the refund has been processed, refunds can take several days to clear as per banking timescales.

To cancel an order we recommend you message the supplier by logging in online and clicking 'View/Send Message' on the relevant quote.

Once you have sent a message, we recommend you call the supplier direct to confirm your cancellation.

The supplier will then process your cancellation and discuss/advise you about any returns and/or refunds if appropriate.

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