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Parts Finder Service Terms & Conditions

By accessing this website and/or placing a request, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions and our privacy policy.

By placing a request and entering personal information, you are giving BreakerLink express consent to provide your personal data to BreakerLink’s network of independent suppliers for the purpose of quoting and supplying the goods requested.

BreakerLink the parts finder service, is an advertising platform which allows independent third party suppliers (our members) the option to quote to supply customers with the items requested via our website. BreakerLink Parts Finder is a free forum service for members of the public and trade to enter requests for parts required. While BreakerLink tries to ensure a high quality level of supplier, we do not recommend or endorse any supplier, so it is down to the customer’s own discretion to choose whether to purchase and which supplier to purchase from. While BreakerLink as a platform provider helps facilitate transactions and creates a venue for suppliers and customers to complete transactions, BreakerLink is neither the buyer nor the seller of the seller's items. When you purchase your part, you will be entering a contract with your selected independent supplier and not with BreakerLink itself.

'BreakerLink' are unable to accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any parts purchased via this network, or for any damage or loss that may result from their subsequent use.

When placing a request, it is the sole responsibility of any customer to ensure all information regarding their vehicle and parts are entered correctly. Any specific vehicle/part information, must be entered by the customer (e.g. part, part number, colour, size, type, etc.). Reg lookup data is provided by numerous 3rd party data suppliers. Whilst every effort is made to make sure the information is correct, please double check with the supplier that the vehicle and parts details are correct before final purchase.

It is recommended that all goods be inspected upon delivery before signing. If a parcel appears damaged on arrival, please DECLINE acceptance of goods. If you cannot decline, then please sign the POD as DAMAGED. If parcels opened on arrival and found to be damaged, please sign the POD as DAMAGED. If the driver will not let you open packaging, please sign for parcels as DAMAGED. We advise the customer contact the supplier immediately. If goods arrive but are found to be incorrect the supplier must be contacted within seven days from receipt of the goods.

No parts can be removed/dismantled from parts supplied from the independent supplier, without prior permission by email/post from the supplier.

All members adhere to the Consumer Contracts Regulations and Consumer Rights Act.

BreakerLink Customer Tips & Advice:

For full tips and advice check out our Buyers Guide and FAQ

All parts sold from suppliers come with parts only no labour guarantee.

We advise that you do not book garage/arrange for fitting of parts, until you have received parts and they have been thoroughly checked and tested.

BreakerLink members will send you BreakerLink branded quotes by email and/or texts. If you receive a phone call from a supplier, note down the company name, name of the person you spoke to, telephone number and price. You can confirm they are a legitimate BreakerLink member by comparing their details against the details in your email/text/online quotes. We advise you only purchase from legitimate BreakerLink members who have quoted you. Remember to check your spam folder in case your quote email has been misplaced.

If you are placing a request for an engine, due to the complex nature of engines, the definition engine bare and engine complete varies between suppliers. Engine quotes come with a minimum of head, block and sump only. If you are looking for more items on the engine (such as ancillaries, manifolds, pumps etc), please double check with the supplier what will and will not be included before purchase.

With engine purchases the customer may be required to carry out a timing belt or timing chain replacement to ensure the guarantee period being offered by the supplier applies. This should be discussed with the individual supplier before any purchase to ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities regarding the guarantee and fitting.

Any parts you purchase are from independent suppliers and they must be contacted regarding any enquiries regarding your order (including delivery, returns, issues, updates). Please call, email, message via the BreakerLink quotes system or send the supplier a letter to discuss any issues.

BreakerLink will try to assist a customer with an issue, but as any purchase is contractually between the customer and the independent supplier only, technically our hands our tied/we are not allowed to get involved. If the parts guarantee time has expired, BreakerLink would not be able to assist. Please refer to Citizens Advice website for further information.

We recommend you only pay for parts securely online by paypal/debit or credit card or over the phone by credit/debit card. Never pay by bank transfer, cash or unbranded secure link.

BreakerLink can revise Parts Finder Service Terms & Conditions without notice.

MOT Reminder Service Terms & Conditions

By accessing this website and/or creating a MOT reminder, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions and our privacy policy.

BreakerLink's MOT Reminder service provides customers up to 3 reminders, 28 days, 14 days and 7 days before the MOT expiry date by email.

If the expiry date is within 28 days you will receive an instant reminder, followed by any further reminders depending on your expiry date.

If your MOT has already expired when you create a reminder, we will re-check your MOT status in 15 days time. If your MOT is renewed by this time, we will automatically set a new reminder for the new expiry date. If your MOT is not renewed by this time, you will need to create a new reminder once your MOT has been renewed.

Our service is an MOT reminder service based on the information provided to us by any customer and a third party providing MOT expiry dates. It is the customers responsibility to enter information correctly. Any information entered incorrectly may result in reminders not being received and incorrect expiry information being sent. Therefore BreakerLink are not responsible for any incorrect information given or relied on.

BreakerLink does its upmost to deliver reminders via email. BreakerLink are not responsible if your email provider experience issues and reminders could not be delivered. To help ensure email delivery please add breakerlink.com to your email safe list and make sure your inbox is not full. BreakerLink are unable to take responsibility if reminders appear in your junk/spam folder.

BreakerLink takes no responsibility for missed MOT expiry dates and potential subsequent fines that may be received as the sole responsibility for a vehicles road legality is that of the vehicles owner.

BreakerLink can revise MOT Reminder Service Terms & Conditions without notice.

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