How to Get Your Vehicle Unstuck from the Snow

car stuck in the snow

It’s a rare year in the UK when there’s no snow whatsoever. All too often a sudden flurry or storm can take the local services by surprise, making roads treacherous and difficult. Even if the council manages to deploy the gritters at short notice, then they probably won’t touch the side roads – making it too easy to get stuck in the snow.

Some cars have a winch, to help to pull your vehicle free from deeper drifts, and the RAC, AA or even your local towing company can help free you from the powder. But if none of these are an option for you, what’s the best way to free your vehicle?

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Signs that Your Head Gasket is Failing

head gasket on an engine

Your head gasket is a vital part of the engine. If it’s not working as the manufacturer intended then this can lead to bigger problems. You’ll find this critical seal between the engine block and the cylinder heads. It should be typically made of steel or copper, although some manufacturers use graphite and there are even asbestos gaskets in older cars.

The gasket helps ensure that the engine remains fully pressurised during the combustion process. Remember that the dynamic release of energy when fuel is ignited drives the pistons – so any drop in pressure means a drop in power. Oil and coolant are also supplied to the engine through the gasket, which means that problems with the part could lead to cross contamination between the two fluids – a problematic scenario for any engine.

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The Unwritten Rules of the Road

rules of the road

Yes, there is the Highway Code. There’s also a set of penalties and fines that keep you on the straight and narrow when behind the wheel. But what about that unspoken code of road behaviour that’s simply not on? You know, the kind of rules that are simply about being a decent human being. For instance, no one with a shred of moral dignity would dream about diving into a car parking spot whilst someone else is backing into it. Would they?

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Common New Driver Mistakes

new driver p plate

Everyone had to learn at some point. Learning to drive is considered a major life achievement for young people and it’s never too late to get behind the wheel. Of course, once the lessons have finished and you’ve passed the test, it’s a whole different world. You can no longer rely on the sagely wisdom of your instructor, and you’re out there on your own.

What are the mistakes that can plague new drivers and more importantly, what’s our best advice for avoiding them?

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Signs You Car’s Wheel Bearings Are Failing

wheel hub bearing

Wheel bearings on older cars used to make a load of noise when they started having problems. These searing sonics would alert you to problems with the part and you could have them looked at before they became a major issue. Now, with all the soundproofing on the modern motor, it can be tough to distinguish bearing problems from tyre noise. However, if there’s a rumbling or grinding, accompanied by wobbling steering or uneven wear on your tyres – then wheel bearings could be to blame. In this article we go through some of the main danger signs.

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What to do if Your Car Breaks Down

Car breakdown

Being in a car can often give you the illusion of protection and invulnerability. You’re so separated from the outside world you can forget the more pertinent realities of the situation. Many people even drive their cars with warning lights lit up on the dash, or other dangerous symptoms. However, whether you know it’s coming or it arrives like a bolt from the blue, the last thing you want to deal with is a car breakdown.

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How to Spot a Cut and Shut Car

how to spot a cut and shut car

 Over the years we’ve mentioned the dreaded cut and shut job many times. From the selling tricks of dodgy dealers to spotting cloned cars. Although this problem was more prevalent when there was less information and checks available to keep sellers and mechanics honest about this dastardly practice, it hasn’t disappeared completely. 

Accidently buying a cut and shut unknowingly is disastrous. Not only is it illegal for someone to sell you a reconditioned write-off, but it is incredibly dangerous to the driver, any passengers and other road users. If it is involved in a crash it will literally fall apart. How can you avoid this potential catastrophe by spotting a cut and shut before you buy?

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Signs that You Have a Failing Mass Air Flow Sensor

mass air flow sensor

The mass air flow sensor (MAF) is a critical component in your car’s fuel injection system. It sits nicely between the air filter and the intake manifold, carefully measuring the amount of air that’s being drawn into the engine to drive the combustion. The sensor sends the information to the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which in turn delivers the correct amount of fuel to the engine. As the sensor picks up different information about air density, temperature and other variables, it ensures that the engine functions at the most efficient level.

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6 Signs Your Car has a Failing Turbocharger

turbocharger with cutaway

Your turbo is an important part of the engine, helping you accelerate faster and get to top speeds in important situations. It gives you that thrust when you want to overtake on the motorway, quickly and safely. On some cars you can even hear a satisfying rush as the turbo kicks in, forcing air into the engine. However, if your turbo stops working properly, your engine may become inefficient and could suffer from poor performance. What are some of the signs that your turbo is failing?

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10 Top Tips: Keep Your Wiper Blades Working for Longer

wiper blades working

Wipers are not the most expensive part on your car, but you know what? There’s no excuse for letting them get old before their time and spending unnecessary cash. After all, think about the hours you’ll have to spend hunting around for new ones and then fitting them. Wouldn’t it be better to simply think about keeping your current wipers for longer? Well now you can with a touch of our expert advice…

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