Disproved: Popular Car Maintenance Myths

mechanic carrying out vehicle maintenance

As car’s become more advanced, some of the older rules that were applicable to car maintenance schedules are no longer true. However, because many of these are passed around via word of mouth, they can take quite a time to disappear from common culture.

Follow the wrong advice, and there’s a real-life implication. You could find yourself stumping up cash for unnecessary costs or reducing your vehicle’s performance. Worse still you could end up doing some serious damage to car parts that leaves you requiring replacements, and a mechanic’s bill for labour.

What are some of the best-known car maintenance myths that are simply no longer true?

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Loss of Power – Is It Time You Purchased a New Car Battery?

testing a car battery

From old fashioned headlights and windscreen wipers, through to onboard computer systems and ABS braking; today’s car is packed with electrical systems. Just like mobile phone apps that put a lot of strain on your phone’s battery, these systems may cause your car battery to run out faster and stop working.

Last thing you want is for the battery to give up the ghost on a cold February morning, when you need to get to work (or somewhere worse, such as the airport on time). Thankfully, with a little vigilance, you can be aware of your battery coming to the end of its lifespan, as there are usually a few give-away signs.

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Don’t Ignore These 9 Signs that Your Car Needs a Service

Mechanic performing a service on a car

Cars are complex, technical machines that needs to be properly looked after. Part of any maintenance schedule should be regular service checks, where parts can be inspected and changed if necessary. Whilst some services, particularly for more high-end vehicles, can be expensive, they will save you money in the long run, preventing breakdowns, and increasing your chances of passing an MOT.

So, if you’re wondering about those strange noises or some weird car behaviour, then this is the list for you. And if you’re currently on a tight budget, and don’t want to drop money on a service for no reason, then use this list to check for where issues could be getting to the point where avoiding a service could potentially cost you more…

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5 of the Best Road Trips You can Travel in Wales

flag of Wales flying on a pole

Following on from our English and Scottish road trips, where next but Wales? These 5 trips are designed to take you through some of the most unbelievable, breath-taking countryside that the whole UK has to offer. Expect rugged, foreboding mountains, spliced by lush, green valleys and cascading waterworks. Explore little quaint villages, and modern cultural towns, as you experience some of the most challenging and rewarding driving on offer from this historic country.

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What are the Main Causes of Road Accidents in the UK?

two cars crashing

When you’re out on the road, the chances of an accident are high. Every year thousands of motorists are killed on the road, and many more are left injured, having to spend time in hospital, and deal with the shock of an incident on the road.

Accidents can be linked to many factors – from carelessness to distraction and even inebriation behind the wheel. When something goes wrong on the road, there will always be contributing factors. What are the major causes of road accidents in the UK, and what can be done to reduce your chances of being at fault?

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Another Driver Has Road Rage… And I’m the Target. What Should I Do Next?

driver showing signs of road rage

Road rage has become a common occurrence on UK roads. There has been a sharp rise in dangerous incidents in recent years. If a driver becomes enraged at you on the road – whether they have any justification or not, it can be an extremely dangerous experience that can shake even the most hardened of drivers.

We’ve already talked about how to deal with a driver that’s started tail-gating you.  However, people can lose their tempers and take their road rage up a notch, making it important to know some simple techniques to help you de-escalate such an unwanted situation. Some of the following advice could ensure that you don’t have to deal with bad on the road behaviour.

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6 of the Best Scottish Road Trips

Scotland stone sign and flag

Not everyone wants the hassle of going abroad. Plane trips and ferries can suck the life out of your holiday buzz, leaving you wanting another holiday when you’ve dealt with the stress of long haul travel. You’ve seen some of the best road trips available in England – but what’s on offer north of the border?

If you’re thinking of travelling around Bonny Scotland, then in our opinion these are the 6 best ultimate road trips available – from the legendary North Coast 500 to the lesser known Angus Coastal Route. You’ll find ancient geographical structures, hidden restaurants, distilleries, castles and views that will simply take your breath away. We’ve tried to find something for everyone in our choice of 6 of the best Scottish road trips…

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So Your Brakes Have Failed – How to Stop a Problem Turning into an Emergency

pushing down the brake pedal after the brakes failed

Putting your foot down in the car to slow down, only to find your brakes aren’t working, has to be one of the scariest experiences behind the wheel of a car. Hopefully one that most people will never have to face.

Whilst most modern cars have the latest technology, safety features and are rigorously tested to prevent and warn of braking issues, it’s worth knowing what to do in case there’s a failure. So if the worst does happen, how can you quickly reduce your chances of injury and creating danger to others out there on the road?

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Car Theft: Prevent Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

car being stolen by a thief

Waking up to find your car has been stolen has to be one of the worst feelings. Despite figures showing that there was 14.5% decrease in car crime during 2020, this is probably due to lockdown, as figures had been steadily rising in previous years, reaching the highest rate ever in 2018-2019. However, thieves have been shown to be targeting luxury cars, with increasing numbers being stolen progressively over the last 5 years.

It seems no car is truly safe in the UK. However, with a diligent attitude and prohibitive measures, any car owner has the power to make their car less attractive to thieves. What are the real world, practical steps, that you can take today to make sure your vehicle doesn’t end up on the wrong side of a crime statistic?

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Sell Your Used Car: Staying Safe Whilst Getting the Sale

man selling his used car

Selling your car can be tough. Getting the price you want can be tougher; people are hard to part with their money and will always want a bargain. And that’s if they’re honest. Selling your used car can be a minefield, with fast operators looking to rip you off in a worst case scenario.

However, with a little planning and politeness, you can relax and meet a buyer who’s genuinely interested in your car and will give you a firm price.

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