Our Tips for Avoiding Travel Sickness

woman suffering from travel sicknessTravel sickness is real. Although it is more present in children and the elderly, it can strike anyone and turn a journey into a real ordeal.

Travel sickness is a kind of motion sickness. It is caused when the car creates motion, which could be when the driver turns or simply moves down even a straight road. This triggers the fluid in inner ear to send confusing messages to the brain which doesn’t match with the signals coming from the eyes.

This can cause sickness, nausea and vomiting. But with a little forward planning it can be avoided and kept at bay during even the longest travel ventures. Continue reading

The Best Products to Remove the Summer’s Bugs and Tar Splatters from Your Vehicle

bugs on the front of a carThe summer is here and there are plenty of bugs on the scene. If you’re out on the road on a nice day then little splats of fly can plaster your windshield, paint job, headlights and grille. And the longer you leave them drying on your bodywork or glass, the harder they are to remove. Continue reading

Hot Hounds: Keeping Dogs Safe in Cars During the Summer

dog in a car in summerThe holidays have definitely arrived. Whether you are heading to sunny beaches or picturesque country walks you’ll need to get in the car. Last month we took a look at how to survive the ordeal of travelling with kids. This month we’re giving you some pointers as to how to make sure your dog survives the ordeal of the fateful hot car.

It doesn’t take long for a vehicle to heat up. When it is just 22 degrees outside, your car only has to sit for an hour in the sun to reach a temperature of 47 degrees. And that’s pretty damn toasty. Think how hot you might get, and then imagine how it is for a dog.

Even though there has been plenty of information broadcast about this topic over the last decade, there are still plenty of idiots around, so we thought we would re-iterate some of the best advice to make sure your loved family pooch is safe at all times. Continue reading

The Important Signs Your Gearbox is Failing

gears in a gearboxDon’t ignore those little signs that you are having problems with your car if you want to avoid those nasty repair bills. And the gearbox is one part you do not want to go wrong as it’s one of the most expensive parts in your car. Problems with your gearbox can be fatal so vigilance is vital. Fortunately, we have put together a simple guide so you can be sure that you are picking up on all those essential indicators that something isn’t quite right in the world of your gearbox… Continue reading

What Happens If You Misfuel? – And What Should You Do?

fueling a carBelieve it or not, misfuelling is a whole lot more common than you think. In the UK alone around 150,000 UK motorists find themselves in the awkward situation where they have to admit they have put diesel in the petrol or vice versa.

So what should you do if you find yourself in this difficult position at the pumps, or worse still, out on the road? Fortunately, our handy guide will help you make the very best out of these adverse circumstances. Continue reading

Driving with Hayfever

driving with hayfeverThe suns out, the fields are dry and the pollen is filling the air. If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who suffer from hayfever then the best months of the year hold a hidden problem.

Having the windows open as you drive through the country could lead to you sniffling and your eyes itching up. Whilst some might think this is a minor complaint, sneezing whilst out on the road can be dangerous, especially when driving at speed. Continue reading

Surviving a Road Trip with the Children

children on a road tripThe summer holidays are most certainly coming. Together with your partner as your only support you are planning one of the most difficult missions. Deploying a successful road trip taking the kids somewhere – without arguments, annoyance or simply stopping the car and throttling your little cherubs.

It doesn’t take Super-Nanny to work out that children generally become unhappy because of three reasons. They are either tired, hungry or bored – or any combination of the three. Can you manage to navigate the road trip, arriving at your destination on time, whilst keeping these three vital factors in check? Continue reading

Servicing You Air Conditioning – Extend the Lifespan

air conditioning ventSummer is here in a big fashion. The air waves are packed with heat and no doubt the one place this is making feel uncomfortable is in the cabin of your car. Good air conditioning system is the obvious answer.

Obviously like all of your vehicle’s systems, air conditioning is no different. Use it in a conservative, careful way and you can prolong its lifespan, use it without forethought and you could find yourself with a new purchase on your hands sooner than you think.

To help you get the most out of your air conditioning system for many years, you can find some of motoring’s best tips in our easy to use guide. Continue reading

How to Prevent Your Car from Developing Rust

rust on a carPaint does more than make your car look good. It protects the bodywork from damage. And in the same light, rust isn’t simply a bad look, it actually can devalue your car. Corrosion caused by salt and water impacts your vehicle beyond its aesthetical value and can be responsible for fatigue placed upon the hydraulic and mechanical systems.

Prevention as the old adage goes is better than cure. In the automotive world this translates into taking a little care can save you a whole stack of cash further down the road. So make sure you’re protecting your car and your wallet with our handy tips. Continue reading

The How to Buy A Car On eBay Guide

buy a car on eBayFrom rare 50p pieces through to imitation Rod Stewart tartan trousers, you can buy almost anything on eBay. And unsurprisingly more people are turning to this popular e-Commerce platform to find a good motoring bargain.

Believe it or not eBay is actually growing in popularity as a second-hand car sales outlet and it’s also the place to go for rare motors and the so-called barn finds. With over 20 years of history, it’s a real veteran of the internet, giving it a high level of trust with all its buyers.

Like all sales outlets there are deals to be had and pitfalls to avoid – which are a whole lot easier to navigate with the aid of our handy guide. Continue reading