Quotes should have an estimated delivery timescale. Delivery is estimated as whilst some parts are ready for dispatch quickly, some parts may need to be removed from the donor vehicle which will lead to a slightly longer dispatch.

Delivery is organised by the supplier via their preferred courier. Once the supplier has dispatched your item, the consignment is in the hands of the 3rd party courier. Whilst they make every effort for a speedy delivery, sometimes delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dispatch can be affected by the time of day of ordering. Ordering late in the day could mean your order is processed the next working day.

Working days are Monday to Friday. Weekend delivery may be available but could incur an increased delivery charge.

If you require further information or an update about any delivery, please message the supplier by logging in online and clicking 'View/Send Message' on the relevant quote or call direct. You may wish to request the courier name and the consignment/tracking number so you can follow your orders progress.

It is recommended that all goods be inspected upon delivery before signing. If a parcel appears damaged on arrival, please DECLINE acceptance of goods. If you cannot decline, then please sign the POD as DAMAGED. If parcels opened on arrival and found to be damaged, please sign the POD as DAMAGED. If the driver will not let you open packaging, please sign for parcels as DAMAGED. We advise the customer contact the supplier immediately. If goods arrive but are found to be incorrect the supplier must be contacted within seven days from receipt of the goods.

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