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BreakerLink can supply all the parts that you need for your car including the wing mirror. When you choose to use our FREE online search engine you can search for a wing mirror for your particular make and model of car, all you have to do is simply type in your make and model adding the word 'wing mirror' into the parts search box and we will do all of the hard work for you, absolutely FREE. We search 100s of quality breaker yards both within the UK and Ireland to find the exact part that you need. Brands covered include the likes of Daihatsu, Rolls-Royce and Rover. Wing mirrors are found on each side of the car and are positioned so that the driver is able to see what is behind and to the side of the car. The mirrors are usually located on the doors and can be adjusted from inside the car with an automatic although older types may still need to be adjusted manually. BreakerLink supply wing mirrors for all makes and models of car so add your details now and let us search for you. If you are looking for a wing mirror you may also require related parts such as a wing, door or bumper.

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Wing Mirror Info

A car's wing mirrors are those found on each side of the car. They are positioned so that the driver is able to see what is behind and to the side of the car. The mirrors are frequently located on the doors rather than the wings and most can be adjusted from inside the car with an automatic controller although there are still many that have to be adjusted manually. Being able to adjust the wing mirror is essential as the optimum viewing is different for each person that drives the car.

The mirrors have a plastic or metal casing and can often be folded in to prevent them being knocked off accidentally while the car is stationery. The mirror and the casing are usually separate and both are easily replaced. Modern cars have heated versions to deal with frost on cold mornings and some are equipped with additional indicators.

Our breakers have quoted on 665 wing mirrors in the last 30 days. Popular makes requesting wing mirrors during that time have been Fords, Vauxhalls, Mercedes, Volvos and Peugeots. Quotes have ranged from £12.50 for a Ford Mondeo Zetec 16v wing mirror to £235.00 for a Ssangyong Kyron wing mirror.