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What are the most common problems with a Volkswagen Transporter T5 Van?

Volkswagen Transporter T5

If you own a VW T5, you’ll know they’re a reliable camper van with plenty of appeal. Unfortunately, some common problems can arise with VW T5 Transporters. Understanding what they are and how to solve them could avoid a costly fix further down the road. Fortunately, plenty of new or used VW Transporter parts are available, so you or a mechanic can fix almost any problem. Here’s what to look out for.

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Avoid Purchasing A Seat Leon with these Common Faults…

Seat Leon

The Seat Leon has been a small car staple on European and UK roads since 1999. It’s a compact hatchback that’s been available in 3 door and 5 door variants. Originally created using different components from Volkswagen cars combined with manufacturer parts, it shares some of its pedigree with other small cars including the Golf MK4 and the Audi A3.

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Watch Out for these Mercedes A Class Commonly Occurring Faults

Mercedes A Class

Since 1997, the Mercedes A Class has been a frequent site on our roads. Featuring a sub-compact, short wheel based design with the characteristic stylings from the German manufacturer, it has been a popular choice for drivers that want a luxury run-around. Like all vehicles, it’s not without its faults and issues, so what are some of the more common faults that you need to check for when considering purchasing a second hand A-Class?

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Don’t Purchase a Nissan Qashqai Before You’ve Checked our List of Common Problems

Nissan Qashqai on display

The Nissan Qashqai is a compact, crossover SUV. Released in 2006, it was designed for customers that want the robust nature of a larger vehicle, whilst still retaining a sporty, sleeky on the road profile. It has gone through several generations and is a common sight on UK roads. Potential buyers can find many of these cars available through all second hand sales channels. But if you’re on the lookout for one of these larger cars, what are some of the common problems that you need to avoid?

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Buyer Beware – How to Avoid Purchasing a Second-Hand Car that might have been in an Accident…

inspecting a car for damage

Yes, buying a used car will save you money. However, the greater the age of your potential purchase; the more chance it’s been in an accident.

Less than honest car dealers often have a masters degree in hiding the signs of damage after an accident. However, a quick makeover is often significantly easier than a proper repair, meaning there are tons of tell-tale signs to watch out for, if you want to make sure a second-hand car hasn’t been in a serious prang.

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Sell Your Used Car: Staying Safe Whilst Getting the Sale

man selling his used car

Selling your car can be tough. Getting the price you want can be tougher; people are hard to part with their money and will always want a bargain. And that’s if they’re honest. Selling your used car can be a minefield, with fast operators looking to rip you off in a worst case scenario.

However, with a little planning and politeness, you can relax and meet a buyer who’s genuinely interested in your car and will give you a firm price.

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Know Your Rights – What Happens When Buying a Used Car goes Wrong?

buying a used car

Hunting for used cars is a national past-time. Whether you’re in the market for a bargain, or are a collector trawling through barn finds and small ads, looking for that dream motor – you can find a huge selection of vehicles at some top notch prices. Most sellers are decent people, looking to run a business, or simply trade up on an old car, but this doesn’t mean mistakes can’t be made.

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