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BreakerLink Now Offers Free SMS Quotation Service

text-quoteWe are happy to announce that our text message update service is now completely free. This follows our recent site re-design where we streamlined the interface and graphics to bring the portal up to date with the current visual vogues on the net. We believe our decision to drop all charges for their SMS service sets us apart from our competitors and offers our customers what is fast becoming the best value service of any cloud based parts supplier. Continue reading

A New Site and Branding

breakerlink-home-desktopWe are pleased to unveil our site’s new design. It features a new look logo, colour-scheme and on-site functionality that streamlines the user experience, helping our potential customers retrieve the information they need to make a purchasing decision. The site is still broken down into the same easy-to use sections, giving visitors a number of different options to access the details held on the site and in making requests for a required car part. Continue reading

The BreakerLink Story

logo_new copy 2BreakerLink is a popular website that’s focussed on the second hand car spare trade. It unites breakers, the people who run scrapyards, with customers looking for inexpensive parts. This type of business is ideally suited to the internet, as it’s all about communication. There’s always someone out there looking for a part, and there’s usually someone out there selling the part to match, the skill is in uniting the two – who may be at different ends of the country. Continue reading

BreakerLink Blog – Welcome

Dear all,

Welcome to our first ever BreakerLink blog post! is a free car parts location service. Here at BreakerLink we are very excited to be embracing the social-media networks. Our ambition is to post regular, informative content that not only shares our knowledge with you, we aspire to invoke energetic and fun discussions amongst you. We will be featuring topics from motor vehicle maintenance, anecdotes to serious polls such as which James Bond car really is the best? We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions! Continue reading