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Driving Tired – When Drowsy Equals Danger

tired driver

Driving drunk is a big no-no. Many people won’t drive when ill. But you may be shocked to find out that driving when you’re tired can be almost as dangerous.

With one in six crashes now being linked to driver fatigue, this is too significant a problem not to notice. As police can’t check for tiredness with a simple breath test – as with alcohol – it’s up to us all to ensure that we don’t get behind the wheel when we should be hitting the hay.

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What to Do if You Have a Car Accident?

reporting a car accident

No one wants to have a crash. But as the saying goes accidents do happen. And the more you’re out on the road, the more likely it is that you’ll either make an error of judgement, or perhaps be on the receiving end of someone else’s.

If you are involved in a crash the number one rule is to stay calm and cool. It’s a high pressure situation where people are likely to be shocked, scared and even a little angry. However, with some  preparation and fore-knowledge it’s possible to make this bad situation more than bearable. Consider the following information:

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Dealing with Skids – Staying in Control

car in a skid on a sign

Skids are more likely to occur when there is a loss of friction and therefore traction on the roads. Snow, ice and water can cause a lack of proper grip on the tarmac causing your car to slip and slide.

Throw understeer, oversteer, acceleration and braking into the mix and you could have difficulty controlling your vehicle. When this happens it’s vital you remain calm. Even if you can’t avoid an accident, you can reduce the danger to yourself and others – by taking remedial action.

How can you avoid getting into a skid – and more importantly, what can you do if you should find yourself in one of the two different types of skid, oversteer or understeer?

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The Unwritten Rules of the Road

rules of the road

Yes, there is the Highway Code. There’s also a set of penalties and fines that keep you on the straight and narrow when behind the wheel. But what about that unspoken code of road behaviour that’s simply not on? You know, the kind of rules that are simply about being a decent human being. For instance, no one with a shred of moral dignity would dream about diving into a car parking spot whilst someone else is backing into it. Would they?

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Common New Driver Mistakes

new driver p plate

Everyone had to learn at some point. Learning to drive is considered a major life achievement for young people and it’s never too late to get behind the wheel. Of course, once the lessons have finished and you’ve passed the test, it’s a whole different world. You can no longer rely on the sagely wisdom of your instructor, and you’re out there on your own.

What are the mistakes that can plague new drivers and more importantly, what’s our best advice for avoiding them?

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What to do if Your Car Breaks Down

Car breakdown

Being in a car can often give you the illusion of protection and invulnerability. You’re so separated from the outside world you can forget the more pertinent realities of the situation. Many people even drive their cars with warning lights lit up on the dash, or other dangerous symptoms. However, whether you know it’s coming or it arrives like a bolt from the blue, the last thing you want to deal with is a car breakdown.

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When to Use Fog Lights

Cars and fog lights

You’ve been out and met some friends. The subject of when to use fog lights has come into the conversation, and no one seems to have the answer. What do you do next? That’s right. You turned to good old Google and found this article.

We’re keen to clear up this age old argument once and for all. Many drivers do actually use their fog lights at the incorrect time, and maybe you or your friends could be one of them. Let’s settle this matter once and for all.

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Travelling with Dogs in the Car

dogs in a car

There’s a saying in show business that you should never work with children or animals. It’s because they both require special attention, and nowhere is that truer that in the back of your car. Children need entertainment and breaks whilst your dogs may need similar attention, there are definite differences. How can you best maximise your dog’s comfort, keeping it calm and undisruptive on a car journey?

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The Best Cars for Dog Lovers

dog with head out of a car

We’re a nation of pet lovers and dogs need a lot of attention. The bigger the pooch, the more exercise and days out it requires for good health and vitality. Walks in the county and on the beach are great, but you’ll need a sturdy and spacious vehicle to get you there.

Whilst we’ve looked at how to keep dogs safe in your car during the heat of the summer, what about the best vehicles for keeping them comfortable on the road? In this article we explore the top cars that offer for a smooth ride on long journeys with robust interiors so you and Rover can arrive in style, where-ever you’re going.

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