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Why Won’t My Car Start?

turning a key to start a car

There is nothing worse than getting in the driver’s seat, sticking the key in the ignition, only to find your car won’t start. There are lots of reasons why this can happen, and unfortunately it’s a very common occurrence, happening to hundreds, if not thousands of motorists on a daily basis. From simple issues like forgetting to put fuel in the car, to more complex electrical faults – our quick guide should help you contend with some of the causes…

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True or False? Common Driving Myths Debunked

driving a car

You’d think that most people in the UK would refer to the Highway Code when questioning the rules of the road. However, there’s still a surprising number of people who prefer to rely on hearsay and pub rumours, when operating out on the road. Usually these driving myths don’t apply to the big stuff, and are more focused on the lesser known rules. So which of these myths should be consigned to the bin of bad advice, and which are actually true?

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Speed Camera Behaviours: Mechanism or Myth

speed camera

You’re sitting in your car, driving along. A flash goes off. You instantly know what it means as you quickly glance down to the speedometer. You know an automatic letter is winging its way out to you in the post. Could be a fine, points on your license. Or worse a court date.

Speed cameras are put in place to ensure drivers stick to the required speed limit. Drivers that go too fast are dangerous, as reaction times are reduced. However, there are many misconceptions about how these cameras work. So what is fact and what is firmly fantasy?

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Parking on Double Yellows – Without Breaking the Law…

double yellows on a road

Sometimes you need to park on double yellow lines. Think this is always illegal? Think again. Most of the time you’ll find a ticket slapped on your car by a parking warden, giving you an automatic fine. However, there are some instances where parking on double yellows is actually allowed. Knowing your rights, can help you find a parking space when it’s difficult – or in an emergency – or even prevent you from having to pay a fine. So what is the actual law?

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The Most Annoying Types of Pedestrian

different types of pedestrian

Without question, other drivers on the open road are probably likely to be your number one problem. And yes, let’s not even talk about the lycra louts. Don’t you know the laws apparently don’t apply to those saintly beings on two wheels? However, there is another breed of annoyance on the road. The accursed pedestrian. They come in many flavours and sizes – all of them with their own particular brand of trouble. So to help identify them – we’ve produced this handy article…

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Summer Driving – What to Do… And What Not to Do

driving in the summer

It’s Summer. You’re on your holidays. The kids are off school. And everyone tells you to be happy. But in the same way those hot, hot days can keep you up at night, failing to go to sleep, the extreme heat can cause you difficulty and discomfort behind the wheel.

No one ever mentions that the summer’s heat can make driving every bit as gruelling as the coldest winter morning.

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Car Break In? What to do Next…

car after a break in

It’s a situation you don’t want to happen. Returning to your car – or waking up in the morning – to find your car’s been the victim of a break-in is no fun. Sadly, with the rise of urban crime, it’s becoming an increasingly common problem. 2018 saw a rise of over 9% in vehicle related thefts against the previous year.

The first priority is your safety. Do not approach a car, if you think the thief could be nearby, and make sure you’re not at risk. Once you’ve surveyed the scene, and you’re comfortable about returning to the car, follow these steps:

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How to Avoid a Tyre Blowout – And How to Handle One if it Happens…

a car tyre after a blowout

No one wants to be faced with a tyre blowout. When you’re travelling down the road at speed and you suddenly lose control, it can be extremely unnerving. However, there’s plenty you can do to stop yourself ever coming face to face with such a problem.

Tyres wear out. The rubber doesn’t last forever. So every time you go over a pothole, wear up against a kerb, or go over a speed bump a little too fast, you’ll degrade the surface of the tyre and the structure will deteriorate.

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What to Do If You Hit a Parked Car

parked car been damaged

Most of us have done it. With the tight constraints of some modern car parks, coupled with some serious bad parking, it’s all too easy to give a little nudge or ding to another parked car and damage its wing, bumper or door mirror. You don’t want to be one of those people who simply runs off. It’s illegal for a start. So what can you do to start righting this roadside wrong?

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The Importance of your Seating Position When Driving

back pain from seating position

There is increasing evidence that sitting is not great for your health. Long periods behind the driver’s wheel can result in back pain. Getting in a car shouldn’t damage your health, and we’re not talking about avoiding accidents either. You’ll want to avoid damage to your body, which can play havoc with every aspect of your life. Ask any serious chronic back pain sufferer.

What can you do to ensure that you’re sitting comfortably, and you’re not suffering from those telling little back twinges behind the wheel, that could add up to some serious pain?

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