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Car Theft: 11 Ways to Prevent Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

car being stolen by a thief

Waking up to find your car has been stolen has to be one of the worst feelings. Despite figures showing that there was 14.5% decrease in car crime during 2020, this is probably due to lockdown, as figures had been steadily rising in previous years, reaching the highest rate ever in 2018-2019. However, thieves have been shown to be targeting luxury cars, with increasing numbers being stolen progressively over the last 5 years.

It seems no car is truly safe in the UK. However, with a diligent attitude and prohibitive measures, any car owner has the power to make their car less attractive to thieves. What are the real world, practical steps, that you can take today to make sure your vehicle doesn’t end up on the wrong side of a crime statistic?

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It’s Never a Good Time when You Lose Your Car Keys

lost car keys

You never realise you’ve lost your car keys, until you need to use your car. And this is often the most inconvenient moment to realise this small, but essential bit of kit has either gone walkies or been stolen. Your partner may have a spare set, but this won’t resolve your peace of mind, if you think they’ve been taken by a nefarious third party – or you might have to get on the phone to a locksmith.

Worse still, if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, or about to embark on the return journey home, you may have less options available to resolve the issue. What should you do if you lose your car keys, and is there any way you could potentially make the moment less awful if it happens?

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Stop Your Catalytic Convertor from Being Stolen – Top Tips

catalytic convertor on a car

Last year the number of catalytic convertor thefts almost doubled. And you don’t have to be the most imaginative person to picture how frustrating it must be to try to start your car in the morning – only to find that this vital piece of the emissions system has been ripped off.

Not only is it an inconvenience, but it could also increase your insurance premiums when you claim for a replacement catalytic convertor – or worse still if you have a very old car, it could put it beyond economic repair. So how can you avoid getting yourself in such a predicament?

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Think Your Car’s Been Stolen? What to do Next…

man finding his car stolen

Car crime has increased 56% over the last 4 years. According to police reports published in 2018, this is still better than the high point of vehicle crime in the 1990s. Waking up in the morning or returning to a car parking lot, only to find your vehicle is missing is not only annoying, but resolving the situation can be time consuming and soak up your available finances. What action steps should you take if you believe your vehicle has been stolen?

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How Thieves Are Bypassing Modern Vehicle Security – And How to Stop Them…

Car Thief

Technology is rapidly changing to prevent vehicle break-ins – but what techniques are thieves evolving in response? And what can car owners do to guard against these high-tech crimes?

Life is not like Grand Theft Auto. Criminals cannot simply walk up to a car and drive it off. Equally the days of smashing a window and hot wiring cars are well and truly over. According to crime figures the amount of cars stolen reached a 50 year all time low in 2015, with 69,547 vehicles being taken in an unauthorised manner.

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