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How to Save On Your Car Insurance

saving money on car insuranceIt is all too easy to let your car insurance simply roll over. But did you know these auto-renewal rates can be much higher than you expected? Cash hungry companies can often prey on people’s laziness to slip through higher premiums than you’ll find elsewhere in the market. Fortunately, it’s very easy to shop around and make a saving.

Many people are feeling the pinch with the current economic climate in the UK, so reviewing your options is becoming more important than ever. At the very least you could be equipped with the necessary leverage to negotiate with your current supplier. If you can give them a comparative rate from one of their competitors, this could see you getting a drop in price.

How should you be going about searching out new rates? What’s the best and most efficient way to find a great price for your car insurance? Continue reading

How Thieves Are Bypassing Modern Vehicle Security – And How to Stop Them…

Car ThiefTechnology is rapidly changing to prevent vehicle break-ins – but what techniques are thieves evolving in response? And what can car owners do to guard against these high-tech crimes?

Life is not like Grand Theft Auto. Criminals cannot simply walk up to a car and drive it off. Equally the days of smashing a window and hot wiring cars are well and truly over. According to crime figures the amount of cars stolen reached a 50 year all time low in 2015, with 69,547 vehicles being taken in an unauthorised manner. Continue reading