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Things People Leave on a Parcel Shelf

Parcelshelf We’ve all seen them. You’ve been trapped behind a car in a traffic jam and you’ve starred aimlessly at someone’s parcel shelf and wondered where on earth they have gathered all the stuff perched upon it. There is no doubt in many cases it’s just a simple attempt to characterise a car beyond the mundane styles of the showroom.

Over the years there have been many fashions for extra parcel shelf passengers. We thought we’d take a look at some of the most popular, including a few that are still going strong.

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What Your Wheel Rims Say About You…

Alloy wheels Once upon a time customising your car used to be solely the province of boy racers. Not these days as standing out from the crowd is becoming something for everyone. And one easy way to upgrade part of your vehicle is the rims. You don’t have to be in tune with engine mechanics or mess around with bodywork to change these simple wheel rims.

With so many people now changing their rims, we thought we’d form some broad generalisations about what kind of people opt for the various rims on offer in today’s market. This article takes a wry look at some of the possibilities… Continue reading

The World’s Rarest Car Parts – James Bond’s Ejector Seat

Remember not to annoy the driver!
Remember not to annoy the driver!

You can pick up some second hand car spares  fairly easily on the open market, such as brake discs, bumpers and engines. However, some parts are considerably rarer and some parts don’t exist at all. One such part is the legendary ejector seat in James Bond’s iconic DB5. For many people this is the ultimate gadget used by the MI5 agent, and at one time you could even buy a range of toy cars that used a mechanism that ejected a plastic figure.

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Portrait of an Old School Breaker Agency Rep

Needless to say the internet has bought a lot of changes into all manner of business, not just into the second hand car spare market, but to all different kinds of enterprise. One old institution that’s died a little bit of a death with the arrival of the web is the travelling salesman. These guys and girls used to run around the country, doing the face to face business deals that many people now do over the internet and phone.

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