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England’s Best Road Trips


When you live in this historic country, you don’t have to always go overseas for holidays, with the stunning natural beauty and variety of landscapes available in England. There’s everything from the beautiful flatlands surrounding the Norfolk Coast, through to some of the UK’s greatest mountain ranges, the Pennine Passes. A little bit of something for everyone.

And what better way to get out and see this charming and evocative landscape than from behind the wheel of your car. Many of the roads that run through these picturesque locations offer the chance to take in some breath-taking views, as you trundle along the remote highways, and the tarmac that sits off the beaten track.

If you’re thinking of taking a road trip around the beautiful roads of rural and coastal England, where should you go for the best sights, hideaways, walks and historic locations on offer?

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Look after the motor – storing your car over the winter months

storing your car in winter

The winter is hard on all of us. Reduced energy. Less happiness. And of course you may find you’re using your car less frequently than in the warm months. If you’re considering putting it into storage, then you’ll need to do it properly to avoid issues with fuel, batteries and even paintwork, and this is especially true in winter when snow can damage the car.

So whether your ride is a convenient car or a collectable classic, use the following tips to keep it fresh over the colder months, when it’s not being used…

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Disposing of Car Waste Products – Safely and Legally

car waste oil in a tray

There are many consumables used by cars – from oil and petrol, through to tyres and brake fluid. When these products come to the natural end of their lifespan, they need to be processed correctly, so as not to present a danger to the environment and other people. What are the most common consumables, and how can we dispose of them, with minimum fuss and maximum safety?

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Summer Driving – What to Do… And What Not to Do

driving in the summer

It’s Summer. You’re on your holidays. The kids are off school. And everyone tells you to be happy. But in the same way those hot, hot days can keep you up at night, failing to go to sleep, the extreme heat can cause you difficulty and discomfort behind the wheel.

No one ever mentions that the summer’s heat can make driving every bit as gruelling as the coldest winter morning.

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How to Get Your Vehicle Unstuck from the Snow

car stuck in the snow

It’s a rare year in the UK when there’s no snow whatsoever. All too often a sudden flurry or storm can take the local services by surprise, making roads treacherous and difficult. Even if the council manages to deploy the gritters at short notice, then they probably won’t touch the side roads – making it too easy to get stuck in the snow.

Some cars have a winch, to help to pull your vehicle free from deeper drifts, and the RAC, AA or even your local towing company can help free you from the powder. But if none of these are an option for you, what’s the best way to free your vehicle?

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Removing Tree Sap from Your Car

car under a tree getting covered in sap

As the heat rises in the air and the harvest becomes full, sap is often extruded from the trees around your home and on the roads. Whilst parking under a tree is a great way to protect your vehicle from the heat, it may leave it prone to drops of sap landing on the paintwork. Although this won’t cause immediate damage, if left unattended it can dry like cement on your vehicle.

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How to Avoid Buying a Flood Damaged Vehicle

flood damaged vehicle

Some areas in the UK are prone to drastic flooding. We’re not talking about a big puddle here, but rather rivers breaking and metre high waters that hang around for days. Expose a car to this kind of wetness and it’s going to get in every single space and cause some serious damage.

It’s not enough to simply give the car a good airing or replace the carpets and upholstery. There’s a real need to look beyond cosmetic damage as flood water can impact the performance of the brakes, starter motors, catalytic converters as well as running havoc with the electrics.

Flood damaged cars are dangerous. It’s that simple. However, unscrupulous sellers will try to cover up problems caused by flood waters – so here’s how to make sure you don’t get lumbered with a compromised vehicle that’s been previously submerged.

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How to Stop Your Car’s Interior from Overheating

cars interior overheating

Summer is most definitely on its way. Whilst the sunshine might be great whilst you’re walking on the beach or lounging in front of the pool, it’s anything but fun when you’re trapped inside a car with the inside turning into a sauna. We have previously talked about how to stop your car’s engine from overheating and looking after your air con, but how do you ensure that your car’s interior is cool, bearable and fresh during the hottest months?

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Our Spring Driving Tips…

driving in spring

You’ve noticed the nights pullling out. The weather should theoretically be hotter and better. It’s very tempting to think about the Spring as the time of year when everything starts getting that little bit easier. But don’t be fooled into believing that spring driving is safer than the winter. There’s a whole other range of dangers on the road.

First up is the changeable weather. This can catch you out with sudden downpours and glaring sun. Always be prepared when you go out to keep your wits about you. However, there are actually a number of other points that sometimes get missed. What do you need to watch out for and how can you stay out of trouble?  

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