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Hot Hounds: Keeping Dogs Safe in Cars During the Summer

dog in a car in summerThe holidays have definitely arrived. Whether you are heading to sunny beaches or picturesque country walks you’ll need to get in the car. Last month we took a look at how to survive the ordeal of travelling with kids. This month we’re giving you some pointers as to how to make sure your dog survives the ordeal of the fateful hot car.

It doesn’t take long for a vehicle to heat up. When it is just 22 degrees outside, your car only has to sit for an hour in the sun to reach a temperature of 47 degrees. And that’s pretty damn toasty. Think how hot you might get, and then imagine how it is for a dog.

Even though there has been plenty of information broadcast about this topic over the last decade, there are still plenty of idiots around, so we thought we would re-iterate some of the best advice to make sure your loved family pooch is safe at all times. Continue reading

Driving with Hayfever

driving with hayfeverThe suns out, the fields are dry and the pollen is filling the air. If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who suffer from hayfever then the best months of the year hold a hidden problem.

Having the windows open as you drive through the country could lead to you sniffling and your eyes itching up. Whilst some might think this is a minor complaint, sneezing whilst out on the road can be dangerous, especially when driving at speed. Continue reading

How to Save Up to 25% of Your Car’s Fuel Bills

hand holding a fuel pumpMany of us are feeling the pinch. The rising costs of fuel and the stagnant nature of UK wages means that most car owners are looking to make those savings where-ever possible. Whilst you cannot control the price of petrol, you can control how much you use and work towards a reduction strategy in four key areas.

In this article, we explore some of the quickest, simplest and easiest steps you can take towards becoming a less fuel dependent motorist, and see some real savings in your pocket. Continue reading

Top Tips for Starting Your Car in Cold Weather

Jump starting a carIn winter everything seems to slow down. From the pace of work to your desire to get down the gym and lose weight. This sluggishness can also impact your car’s ability to get started.

Engines and vehicles require a reasonable degree of heat for good functioning and frost and coldness are often major obstacles in generating the energy your vehicle needs to get out of the blocks. If you’re having trouble and suffering starting issues the advice in this article will help you get up and get moving for some winter driving. Continue reading

Green technology advancements in cars

Eco-friendly green CarCars. We simply cannot do without them. Transport and travel, both for business and pleasure, is now a cornerstone of modern life. However, since ecological issues became more of a concern in the 1980s, with media and public attention growing year in year out, there has been considerable pressure for the motoring industry to change its gas guzzling ways.

Now more than ever we are seeing the fruits of manufacturer’s recent labour. There has never been a time when the car industry has been more rapidly moving towards a cleaner and greener vision. With many different aspects of production and power evolving dramatically, this article explores some of the most prominent and recent advancements. Continue reading

Biofuels – The Greener Alternative

biofuelsThere are many different kinds of eco-cars now available on today’s market. These include vehicles that are electrically charged and have to be plugged in at night and those that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which need to be topped up at service stations with dedicated hydrogen pumps. The problem with many of these automobiles is that they are prohibitively expensive for many motorists. Some of these green vehicles even cost more to run than their petrol and diesel driven counterparts, making them unattractive for those on a budget. Continue reading

New Green Cars for 2015


Green motoring is an increasingly hot topic for all motorists in the UK. With vehicle emissions still contributing a large percentage of all CO2 emissions, every car owner can play their part in helping to reduce the amount of pollution produced by their vehicle. Manufacturers are aware of this trend and we are now seeing a rise in the number of different green cars available, so which of these are tagged for success in 2015? Continue reading

Beyond the Breaker’s Yard – Recycling Unusable Cars


When car parts get beyond circulation as second hand spares, they have to be recycled. Around 80% of a car can be turned into usable products, making car recycling big business today. There are now whole companies that exist around taking different materials from scrapped cars and turning them into reusable products. What are these materials and how are they reprocessed? Continue reading

Five of the UK’s Best Green Cars

Go back two decades and green cars were blue-sky thinking. Whilst scientists pushed the technology of the time to its limits to see if they could make solar-powered cars that could travel vast distances in desert climes, such innovations seemed a lifetime away from the UK’s roads, especially when electric cars only ever seemed to promise a fraction of the power of their petrol-driven cousins. However, in the last five years this situation has changed considerably, and the demand for a cleaner, greener generation of vehicles has shaped the industry, with many of the top manufacturers now offering some serious environmentally friendly cars.

Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall Ampera

Auto Express Magazine’s Green Car of the Year for two years running was the Vauxhall Ampera

This short wheel-based hybrid car from UK manufacturer Vauxhall uses an electric motor at all times. Believe it or not,the Ampera actually only ever uses its 1.4 litre petrol engine when it needs to recharge its Continue reading

Could You Be A Greener Driver?

Eco-friendly car

In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to use cars. However, in the fast-paced modern world where you have to fulfil a number of responsibilities, such as working commitments and picking up your children from school, life without a vehicle for many people is unthinkable. Given that we live in a society that is now reliant on the auto-mobile, what small changes could you make Continue reading