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Don’t Ignore these 5 Symptoms of Water Pump Problems

car water pump

Combustion and friction generate a tremendous amount of heat in your car’s engine. To help all that thermal energy dissipate, you need to have a continuous flow of coolant, which is powered by the water pump. When the pump suffers from a fault or failure, this can lead to overheating, poor running of the vehicle, and even put a stop to your travels on the road. And because keeping the engine cool is so important – any issues that are left unchecked can lead to total engine failure.

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What’s Causing those Steering Wheel Shakes?

driver unsure about steering wheel shaking

When you’re out driving, a shaking steering wheel can be irritating. However, it can also be a great way to get an early heads up on problems with your car. Some of the most common causes are likely to be warped discs, causing shakes under breaking, or poorly balanced tyres resulting in shaking under high speed.

There are of course more serious issues with your car that can be revealed by shakes through the steering system. Which signs need a little attention, and how can you spot the serious red flags that mean you need a little hand investigating further?

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What’s that Smell? Identifying Car Problems by Odour

woman smelling a bad smell in a car

Many people will tell you knocking sounds are indicative of the big end going. Other screeches and scrapes can tell you about the state of your brakes or the transmission. However, smells are often an underrated method of homing in on car problems that can allow you to suss out the fact your car has a problem, before it becomes a serious issue.

Interestingly enough the mind has no olfactory memory. We can recreate sounds, tastes and even visions in our brains. But not smells. This means that smell can be a powerful, unmissable indicator of problems, and there’s usually no arguing with a whiff in the air. Especially if other passengers can detect it too. So what are the odours you need to be aware of – and more importantly, what do they mean?

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The Seven Most Common Radiator Problems

car radiator

Every car produces heat. Not only from the combustion in the engine, but also from fast moving parts such as the wheel bearings. Without proper cooling, your car could potentially overheat or even catch fire. Your radiator is your number one defence against high engine temperatures – so how can you ensure this part is working properly? And more importantly, what are the signs your radiator could be suffering from problems? 

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Disposing of Car Waste Products – Safely and Legally

car waste oil in a tray

There are many consumables used by cars – from oil and petrol, through to tyres and brake fluid. When these products come to the natural end of their lifespan, they need to be processed correctly, so as not to present a danger to the environment and other people. What are the most common consumables, and how can we dispose of them, with minimum fuss and maximum safety?

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How to Clean Your Car’s Headliner

headliner in a car

Did you know that your car ceiling has another name? Professionals call it the car headliner. As it lines the top part (head) of the car. Most people don’t even think about this part of the upholstery. Out of sight. Out of mind. And because you’re not in constant contact with it (like with the seats) you can easily go for years without cleaning it.

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Under Car Leaks Identification Guide

identifying car leaks

No one wants a leaky vehicle. However some leaks can be very revealing, helping you spot early signs of damage and danger to your engine and your car’s fluid systems – such as the brakes, power steering and transmission. Most leaks will appear under the car as patches of different coloured fluids. If you do spot a leak – what does it mean and what systems do you need to check?

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How to Avoid a Tyre Blowout – And How to Handle One if it Happens…

a car tyre after a blowout

No one wants to be faced with a tyre blowout. When you’re travelling down the road at speed and you suddenly lose control, it can be extremely unnerving. However, there’s plenty you can do to stop yourself ever coming face to face with such a problem.

Tyres wear out. The rubber doesn’t last forever. So every time you go over a pothole, wear up against a kerb, or go over a speed bump a little too fast, you’ll degrade the surface of the tyre and the structure will deteriorate.

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10 Signs That Your Starter Motor Could Be in Trouble

starter motor

Poor maintenance will cause problems with your starter motor. However, this little powerhouse is responsible for the kinetic kick that gets your engine revving and running – and therefore suffers a tremendous amount of stress every time you twist your key in the ignition. So no matter what you do, this part will wear out over time.

The bigger and newer your car, the greater the stress on the starter motor. The longer it goes without trouble, the more likely it is to fail. Remaining aware of the following danger signs can help you avoid serious problems.

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7 Vehicle Steering Warning Signs

lady with a steering wheel

Having a responsive, powerful steering system is absolutely essential for the modern motorist. Urban travel can be so demanding that vehicles need to be extremely responsive. The parts that helps ensure the drivers actions at the wheel are quickly translated into movement is the steering column and steering rack.

The steering system connects the driving wheel to the steering. It is designed to take the force of a collision and dissipate the energy in the event of an impact to the front of your vehicle. Therefore a steering failure can be a particularly dangerous situation, especially if it happens whilst you’re behind the wheel. However, with a little care and attention – you can stay on top of the condition of these parts – by keeping one eye open for the following symptoms.

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