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Signs Your Fuel Pump is Failing

fuel pump

The purpose of your fuel pump is fairly self-explanatory. The part pumps fuel from the tank into the engine, so if it’s not working correctly this can be problematic. It should run for thousands of miles, but like all parts after time it becomes increasingly prone to failure. To avoid being stranded 200 miles from home, watch out for the following problems:

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10 Signs That Your Catalytic Convertor is Failing

catalytic convertor

Catalytic convertors are an essential car component that works to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that come out of your car’s engine. This metal canister operates as a fixed part of the exhaust system and uses a chemical catalyst to remove pollution from the engine’s exhaust gasses making them dramatically less harmful.

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The 7 Signs That Could Mean Your Throttle Body Needs Cleaning

throttle body needs cleaning

In modern fuel injected cars, the throttle body is an essential part of the air intake system, controlling the flow of air into the engine, which is used to effectively combust fuel in the pistons. Getting the right amount of air is vital. Too much air or too little air can make your engine run lean.

When the throttle body is working correctly, it is synchronized with the fuel intake and the accelerator pedal. Put the pedal down and the flow of fuel is increased into the engine and the throttle body pulls in extra air to aid combustion, allowing your vehicle to perform at the best level and run smoothly.

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The Signs Your Power Steering is Failing – And How to Fix Them…

car power steering

Power steering is a great invention. Without it, turning your car’s steering wheel would be quite hard work, especially when driving slowly. It’s hydraulics and electrics are designed to support your efforts in the driving seat, keeping you free from fatigue and making the car’s drive an altogether more promising experience.

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How to Replace Your Air Conditioning Low Pressure Switch

replacing air con pressure switch

Your car’s air conditioning system has two switches that protect the compressor and the refrigeration circuit. The low pressure switch turns the system off when the pressure is too low to prevent damage to the compressor. Like all parts of your vehicle it has a limited lifespan. If you are suffering from problems like an intermittent response from the AC unit when you turn it on, a lack of cooling or an outright failure of the system then the problem could be a faulty low pressure switch.

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How to repair minor scratches on car’s paint job

repairing minor scratches on a car

When you are driving it is inevitable that small stones will fly up and cause damage to your paint job.  Big scratches and dints take specialist skills in the spray booth to resolve, especially when your paint has faded.

However, if the damage is smaller than a 50p piece then it is possible that you can use touch up paint to save yourself the costs of a professional job. Obviously the results may not have that fine finish, but with our simple to use guide you can achieve a passible look all on your own.

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Smoke from Your Exhaust – What Does the Smoke Colour Mean?

smoke fumes coming from a car exhaust

Obviously it is normal for a little smoke to come out of your exhaust pipe, which is like your vehicle’s chimney. Air pressure draws waste gases from the engine and then expels them into the atmosphere.

Sometime these gasses are expelled as smoke, and with modern cars becoming increasingly fuel efficient with less emissions it is becoming easier to spot problematic smoke coming from your engine.

An occasional puff of smoke from the exhaust should not cause you any worry. However if you are noticing persistent smoke coming from your car it could spell trouble. Check out what different coloured smoke could mean for your engine with our helpful article.

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