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Why is my car leaking oil?

Car oil leak

If you’ve noticed a few drops of oil on your driveway after you move your car, it might not seem that big a deal. But failing to fix an engine that’s leaking oil, even just a little, can result in a more significant and costly repair in the long term. Discover the signs and causes of a leak, the consequences if you continue to ignore it, and what to do if your car leaks oil. 

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What causes my car to backfire, and what can I do about it?

Car exhaust

A backfire from your car’s engine or exhaust can be alarming but is usually easily fixed. A backfire is an explosion of unburned fuel in the engine or exhaust system, which causes a loud “popping” noise

A backfire from the engine occurs when unburned fuel in the combustion chamber ignites violently instead of burning steadily. This is often caused by issues with the air-fuel ratio, ignition timing, or buildup of carbon deposits inside the engine. 

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Is your vehicle’s oil sump failing? Here’s how to spot the signs

Aluminium oil sump

Any car enthusiast knows that oil is the lifeblood of the engine. Regular oil changes are necessary to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance and durability. However, the pivotal role the oil sump plays often goes unnoticed.

The oil sump, also known as the oil pan, acts as a reservoir to store and protect your vehicle’s oil. It ensures oil is readily available to provide lubrication essential to moving parts within the engine, protecting them from excessive friction. It also plays a vital role in oil cooling.

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Is your cylinder head failing? Here’s how to know

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is a crucial component in any internal combustion engine. It’s responsible for optimising your vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and power output. 

Housing the intake and exhaust valves, along with other critical components which control the intake and exhaust processes, the cylinder head maximises airflow to create the ideal air-fuel mixture for combustion.

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