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Don’t Get Caught Out in the High Country: How to Navigate Rural Roads

country road lined with trees

Rural roads are not as quiet and idyllic as you might think. You may be familiar with the difficulties presented by urban roads and their high intensity characteristics – but those smaller, winding country lanes pose a different kind of challenge altogether. Fortunately, there are some simple rules that you can follow that will help you avoid coming away from the sticks with any problems.

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Your Car Smells of Petrol – And this is Probably Why…

woman noticing a petrol smell in her car

You notice the strong odour of petrol in your car. We might have talked about how to identify smells in your vehicle before, but today we’re homing in on the scent of the world’s favourite hydrocarbon.

Unsurprisingly, a petrol leak is the most likely cause of the smell. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to diagnose. However – if this isn’t case then these are some of the potential contenders:

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Help… My Car is Pulling to One Side, and I don’t Know What to Do

holding onto steering wheel as car is pulling

It’s not a great situation. If your car is pulling to one side, either under braking or whilst driving, it can not only be frustrating, but down-right dangerous. However, despite the initial shock, it’s not quite time to go to panic stations yet, as the cause could be actually quite simple.

Obviously, this is a real safety issue, so you’ll want to get it checked out as soon as possible – and the chances are the problem originates from one of the following culprits:

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Don’t Get Blown Away – How to Navigate Windy Weather from Behind the Wheel

driving in windy weather

It’s easy to forget that windy weather can be every bit as hazardous as ice, rain, or snow. Gale force weather can often create gusts and sudden pockets of air that can catch even the most experienced driver unawares. As with all dangerous conditions – we’d always recommend that you avoid travelling in severe weather. But if you do have to make that journey in high winds, what’s the best way to stay safe?

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Seeing Isn’t Always Believing – Driving In Foggy Conditions

car driving in fog

Driving in fog is an unpleasant experience. Keeping your eyes on the road is crucial for your safety and the well-being of other road users. When there’s a mist in the air, reaction times are reduced as you’ll often be suffering from impaired visibility. Whilst fog can descend at any time of year, you’re more likely to encounter this during the autumn and winter months. How can you adjust your driving style and make the right preparations to diminish the danger?

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What are the 7 Main Causes of Road Accidents in the UK?

two cars crashing

When you’re out on the road, the chances of an accident are high. Every year thousands of motorists are killed on the road, and many more are left injured, having to spend time in hospital, and deal with the shock of an incident on the road.

Accidents can be linked to many factors – from carelessness to distraction and even inebriation behind the wheel. When something goes wrong on the road, there will always be contributing factors. What are the major causes of road accidents in the UK, and what can be done to reduce your chances of being at fault?

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Another Driver Has Road Rage… And I’m the Target. 10 Things You Should do Next

driver showing signs of road rage

Road rage has become a common occurrence on UK roads. There has been a sharp rise in dangerous incidents in recent years. If a driver becomes enraged at you on the road – whether they have any justification or not, it can be an extremely dangerous experience that can shake even the most hardened of drivers.

We’ve already talked about how to deal with a driver that’s started tail-gating you.  However, people can lose their tempers and take their road rage up a notch, making it important to know some simple techniques to help you de-escalate such an unwanted situation. Some of the following advice could ensure that you don’t have to deal with bad on the road behaviour.

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So Your Brakes Have Failed – How to Stop a Problem Turning into an Emergency

pushing down the brake pedal after the brakes failed

Putting your foot down in the car to slow down, only to find your brakes aren’t working, has to be one of the scariest experiences behind the wheel of a car. Hopefully one that most people will never have to face.

Whilst most modern cars have the latest technology, safety features and are rigorously tested to prevent and warn of braking issues, it’s worth knowing what to do in case there’s a failure. So if the worst does happen, how can you quickly reduce your chances of injury and creating danger to others out there on the road?

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The Cool List – 16 Items that should Never be left in a Hot Car

woman in a hot car

Although not many people like the cold, people forget that excessive heat in your vehicle can be truly punishing. Enclosed spaces, such as your car’s interior cabin, can become like an oven during the daytime. Especially if you are parked in an exposed position, and have not been able to find the shade.

As the inside temperature of your car can climb several degrees higher than the ambient temperature, it’s wise to be careful about what’s left in the car on a summer’s day. Check our list of vulnerable things that should not be left in the car, to avoid a potentially troublesome or dangerous situation. Yes, there are some obvious inclusions to our list; but also some you might not have heard before…

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The Safe Way for Drivers to Handle Cyclists

car overtaking a cyclist

Riders on bikes are more vulnerable  than when you’re driving your car. They don’t have that hard, metal shell keeping the outside world at bay for protection. Many drivers have trouble keeping their eyes open for bike riders. And as a result of this situation most accidents involving cyclists are caused by car drivers.

Some of the main reasons behind accidents involving cyclists, include failing to look properly before turning at junctions and/or roundabouts, speeding, distractions (such as conversing in the car or checking a mobile phone), tight overtaking and even opening doors into traffic without checking properly.

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