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So Your Brakes Have Failed – How to Stop a Problem Turning into an Emergency

pushing down the brake pedal after the brakes failed

Putting your foot down in the car to slow down, only to find your brakes aren’t working, has to be one of the scariest experiences behind the wheel of a car. Hopefully one that most people will never have to face.

Whilst most modern cars have the latest technology, safety features and are rigorously tested to prevent and warn of braking issues, it’s worth knowing what to do in case there’s a failure. So if the worst does happen, how can you quickly reduce your chances of injury and creating danger to others out there on the road?

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Sell Your Used Car: Staying Safe Whilst Getting the Sale

man selling his used car

Selling your car can be tough. Getting the price you want can be tougher; people are hard to part with their money and will always want a bargain. And that’s if they’re honest. Selling your used car can be a minefield, with fast operators looking to rip you off in a worst case scenario.

However, with a little planning and politeness, you can relax and meet a buyer who’s genuinely interested in your car and will give you a firm price.

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The Cool List – 15 Items that should Never be left in a Hot Car

woman in a hot car

Although not many people like the cold, people forget that excessive heat in your vehicle can be truly punishing. Enclosed spaces, such as your car’s interior cabin, can become like an oven during the daytime. Especially if you are parked in an exposed position, and have not been able to find the shade.

As the inside temperature of your car can climb several degrees higher than the ambient temperature, it’s wise to be careful about what’s left in the car on a summer’s day. Check our list of vulnerable things that should not be left in the car, to avoid a potentially troublesome or dangerous situation. Yes, there are some obvious inclusions to our list; but also some you might not have heard before…

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Don’t Leave Home without it – Breakdown Survival Kit Checklist

car breakdown survival kit

Your breakdown survival kit. We’ve touched on this in previous blogs, however it’s such an important thing to have in the back of your vehicle, we decided to go into more detail. Many people like to check their car regularly for underlying faults and issues, and take their vehicle for periodic services. However, unfortunately no matter of forethought  can stop a breakdown from happening regardless of the season.

No one wants to be in a breakdown, but sometimes it inevitably happens to the best of us. In such an event an in-car survival kit will be a godsend. So what should you put in your kit?

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The Most Annoying Types of Pedestrian

different types of pedestrian

Without question, other drivers on the open road are probably likely to be your number one problem. And yes, let’s not even talk about the lycra louts. Don’t you know the laws apparently don’t apply to those saintly beings on two wheels? However, there is another breed of annoyance on the road. The accursed pedestrian. They come in many flavours and sizes – all of them with their own particular brand of trouble. So to help identify them – we’ve produced this handy article…

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Life Saving Success: The 2014 Scottish Drink Driving Limit Legislation

drink-driving Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure. Especially when it comes to issues of life and death such as drink-driving. Before the recent festive break Scottish authorities announced a new blood alcohol limit, allowing drivers a maximum of 50mg of alcohol in every 100ml of blood and bringing the country’s legislation in line with the limits of other EU member states. This means that even a single glass of wine or pint of beer could take a driver over the limit, which could potentially result in a ban or even a custodial sentence if they are caught in such a state by the police. Continue reading

Preparing your Car for Winter

winter-road-sign You wouldn’t go out into the cold weather wearing a pair of flip flops, cut-off jeans and a t-shirt, so why drive in the snow and ice with your car in its summertime state? There are a number of things that you can do to your vehicle to make sure that you don’t get into any cold weather related scrapes. Even though you can’t wrap your car up in a giant blanket or put all weather Ugg boots on the tyres – by following our simple steps you’ll be well ahead of the last minute masses. Continue reading

Car Safety Tips for Children

Baby On Board

It is an accepted fact that cars are extremely dangerous places for both drivers and passengers. Over the years there have been a number of campaigns to get drivers and passengers to take more responsibility for their safety, including government drives to get people wearing their seat belts. However, most of the safety systems in cars are designed with adult users in mind, even though a large percentage of car owners also drive their children around. What can we do to make our vehicles safer for the younger generations? Continue reading