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Common Problems with 2nd Generation Mini

MiniThe Mini Cooper is one of the best-known vehicles on the road and a real iconic symbol of the English attitude and ingenuity towards car design. From the classic versions that took the world by storm in the Paris to Dakar rallies of yesteryear through to the redesigned new school cars on the road today, this is a vehicle that makes a statement.

However, the Mini is far from perfect. There are a number of common faults that can occur in a vehicle that could cost a considerable amount of money to fix. In this article we explore some of the common issues that could act as a bit of a red flag when it comes to purchasing a second-hand model. Continue reading

Mini Tops BreakerLink’s 2015 Used Car Reliability UK Study


British car manufacturer Mini heads up the list of BreakerLink’s study into the reliable used cars on UK roads. Amongst the close finishers were popular makes like Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen in the top ten.

Mini has finished top of BreakerLink’s first ever Used Car Reliability Study, which examines and compares thirty of the leading car manufacturers producing vehicles on the UK roads. This new survey has been designed to use the amount of spare parts requested for each manufacturer as a measure of its reliability. Only 1 in every 1428 cars required a spare part during the 12 month study period over 2014.
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