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As the man at the helm of BreakerLink, it is no surprise that its Director, Justin Smith, has always had a keen interest in cars, bikes and most things wheeled. Having spent over two decades in the car parts industry, Justin combines his passion that since 2002, has successfully united those looking for new and used car parts with the breaker that supplies them. Follow Justin on LinkedIn.

Do The Shake: Why Your Car is Juddering…

a man checking his juddering car

A judder is a jerking motion or shaking feeling you get behind the wheel. For example, you put your foot down and expect to move forward in a continual motion, but instead you jerk and stop. This can be a frightening experience, and your passengers won’t thank you for it either. Juddering can be caused by a number of issues and in several scenarios and should never be ignored; it’s often a sign other problems could develop in your vehicle if left unchecked. What are the various symptoms and how can you complete a little amateur diagnosis yourself?

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When You Can and Can’t Use Hazard Lights…

a car's hazard light switch

Indicators have been a statutory requirement on UK cars since 1965, when a law was passed requiring all cars to have flashing lights to demonstrate which way a car intends to turn. Nearly all modern cars use small orange lights, often located in the headlight and rear light arrays as indicators. These flash to alert other road users to the driver’s intentions.

Indicators however also can be used as part of a car’s hazard lights. When a car is in trouble, the driver can flick the hazard switch, making all indicators flash repeatedly at the same time, alerting other road users to an obstruction or even a potential danger caused by the stopped vehicle.

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Brake Smoke: Causes and Cures

smoke coming from car brakes

Smoke coming out of the brakes? It might be funny in cartoons, but it’s never a laughing matter when it’s your car. In fact, if you do notice a burning smell, or worse still, start seeing smoke floating around your vehicle cabin, it can be a more than unsettling experience.

Brake smoke is one of those situations where you need to act immediately. Even if you have put on new brake pads that can in rare cases smoke when you wear them in – it’s still something that you need to check. So what are the causes (and some of the fixes) of smoking brakes?

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Running Out of Fuel – What Next?

fuel gauge with fuel warning light on

No one ever wants to run out of fuel. It’s a bad look. Run out on a main road and you present a danger to other drivers. And many cars out there will be adversely impacted by running on empty. With the cost of living right now, you don’t want to pick up an expensive bill to fix your motor.

Let’s face it however, it’s easily done. You forgot to check levels before you set out, or you’re up against a lot of expenses and trying to eek out the pennies – whatever the reason, it’s something most people will experience in their lifetime. Running on fumes and crossing everything that they’ll get to the hallowed petrol station.

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The Safe Way for Drivers to Handle Cyclists

car overtaking a cyclist

Riders on bikes are more vulnerable than when you’re driving your car. They don’t have that hard, metal shell keeping the outside world at bay for protection. Many drivers have trouble keeping their eyes open for bike riders. And as a result of this situation most accidents involving cyclists are caused by car drivers.

Some of the main reasons behind accidents involving cyclists, include failing to look properly before turning at junctions and/or roundabouts, speeding, distractions (such as conversing in the car or checking a mobile phone), tight overtaking and even opening doors into traffic without checking properly.

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From Speed Limits to Knowing Your Limits – Keeping It Legal

speed limit sign on UK road

Is the legal speed limit 30mph or 40mph in a built up area? Is it 60mph or 70mph on a single carriage way when you see the national speed limit applies sign?

It can be easy for you to forget the national speed restrictions, particularly if you drive familiar roads and don’t venture out of this comfort zone. Also limits can change, and if you’re not paying attention, you could miss the signs.

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How to Pass Horses Safely

horses riding on a village road

As the evenings get lighter, and we begin to see changes in weather over the spring and summer months, you’ll see more horses out on the country roads. Most horse riders understandably prefer to be out in the fields or the paddock, but may take to the roads out of necessity due to the lack of off-road options.

With a little understanding and consideration, there’s no reason why cars and horses can’t use the road together in harmony. Horse riders have the same rights as any other vehicle users, such as cyclists, motorbike riders and car drivers. 

How can you make sure that your driving style and behaviour doesn’t rattle a horse or the rider, when you encounter them riding out on the open road?

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Why Does Your Car Stall?

man inspecting a car after a stall

Unless you are still a novice driver, you should not really be stalling your vehicle (save for the occasional moment where your motoring skills suddenly go on holiday). But if your car starts regularly stalling, then you may have an underlying problem with the air flow, fuel system or electrics.

And when stalls happen on the open road they can be downright dangerous. What’s worse is that they’re always unexpected; stalls come with no warning signs. The check engine light doesn’t illuminate on the dash board and no signs come out of the engine. You could even be motoring on quite dandily and then bang out of nowhere, the stall happens.

If you are experiencing stalls on a regular basis when you’re on the road, then you may want to get the car checked out.

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Motorway Myths – Falsehoods from the Fast Lane

UK motorway with cars in lanes

There’s lots of confusion about motorway rules. Especially if you don’t use motorways often or you’re new to driving.

At BreakerLink we love to bust driving falsehoods and get to the truth of the matter. To ensure you’re doing the right thing on the motorway, we bust some of the more well-known myths and falsehoods, hopefully giving you a clear picture of what you can and can’t do…

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