Common Problems with the Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-benz C-classDrive a Mercedes C-Class and you’ll certainly get noticed. These sophisticated German cars are definitely one of the nicest cars in which to travel with well decorated interiors, which let you sink into comfort on those long journeys. And when you’re embarking on those big trips you’ll also enjoy the well weighted suspension.

They are also surprisingly cost effective runners too, especially when compared with BMWs and other high end motors, but there are a number of common faults that appear across the range. What are these faults and how can you avoid them?

Active driving sensors

This clever system helps you get the most out of your Mercedes when on the road, but it can work against you when it comes down to vibrations when you drive. One of the most commonly reported faults with the C-Class is faults within the active driving sensors, which most often manifest as vibrations that impact your driving stability. Once this problem occurs, all the sensors will need replacing.

Engine failure

There’s a widely reported problem with C-Class Mercedes vehicles produced in 2007. Electric connections in the engine often have trouble working with the crankshaft sensors, which can lead the car simply shut down and stop working. In order to rectify this problem you will need to take the car to a mechanic as the engine will need to be completely reset to work with the electronics in the vehicle computer.

Steering problems

With the 2011 Mercedes C-Class there is a known problem with the steering. If you’re hearing strange noises when you turn the wheel and the car seems strangely unresponsive then you can bet the cause is due to problems with the power steering pump and fluid line. Usually there’s a leak involved, with fluid from the line entering into the pump improperly. These parts will need a full replacement if you want to avoid a dangerous situation on the road.


Is your C-Class a 2010 model? Well due to a widespread fault across the range many of these cars have ineffective brakes. Apparently the wrong kind of discs were installed in a significant percentage of the vehicles. So if you have a car from this production period it’s definitely worth getting it down to the mechanics and checking that the brakes work. Failure to do so could mean failure of your brakes in an emergency situation.

Air hoses

If there’s one reason to get your Mercedes C-Class regularly serviced then it’s the air hoses. With many 2011 suffering repeat problems with this part, the tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for are a reduced amount of power from the accelerator or the engine shutting down altogether. Cracked, frayed and split air hoses could well be the culprit, due to problems with the part when installed by the manufacturer.


Mercedes lock problems are legendary in the auto-locksmith industry. This is due to the fact that the keys cannot be duplicated, due to the nature of the transponder chip. As an extra caution many C-Class owners like to carry an extra key in their car in case one goes wrong, guaranteeing access and power to the car at all times.

If you have a Mercedes C-Class then it is always worth getting a regular service as with all cars. This popular German car is a very good choice for modern motoring and despite a few problems recorded across the range, it is a solid and reliable choice as a family car and keeps its good looks on the road for years.

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