Suzuki Swift common problems

Suzuki SwiftIf you want a good second-hand car that has very few problems and won’t scorch your bank balance then why not look at the Suzuki Swift? This little compact has sat happily at the lower end of the manufacturer’s range since 1985, providing drivers with 3 and 5 door hatchback action.

Known for their economical 1.3 and 1.5 litre engines, this Suzuki won’t break the bank on running costs either. Thinking of investing in one? Even though they are up there on the reliability charts, there are still a few issues that are widely reported and could impact a buying decision.

Dashboard Rattling and Noise

When you take your Suzuki Swift on a test drive one thing that will hit you straight away is a potential problem with the dashboard. Whilst by no means fatal the constantly rattling will becoming irritating and may mask the noise of more serious problems. It’s a tricky fault to fix too – requiring a complete refit of the dashboard whilst replacing all the clips.

Electric Windows

Another potential rattling sound could be coming from the electric window. If you’re hearing this sound and noticing that the window is falling slightly in its seating then the likely culprit is a small bolt that could well have come loose. It is simple enough to purchase a replacement, although you may need a modicum of technical skill to sort it out as it is quite a tricky fix.

Clutch Slipping

There is a well-known issue with this Suzuki causing the clutch to judder. It can often be a symptom of deeper problems within the clutch unit, which can manifest when the weather is cold. If the problem is particularly severe, especially on changing down then it could be that the vehicle requires a complete replacement clutch. Avoid second hand vehicles that are subject to this problem.


Another problem with the Swift is an issue with the gearbox. Pay special attention to the feel of the shift as you move up and down through the gears. Detect any stiffness in the mechanism? If there’s a tight and awkward touch then you could well be looking at a future that sees your wallet being a few hundred pounds lighter as you fork out for a replacement gearbox.


Take the time to park your potential Suzuki purchase on a bit on an incline and check that the handbrake holds the vehicle in place. There is a known issue with the calibration on the brake that can cause it to malfunction. Fortunately, this might not be a make or break issue – as you can recalibrate the system relatively cost effectively if the vehicle is too much of a bargain to turn down.


From rattles in the front of the car to squeaks coming from the suspension. Listen out during any slightly rough ride for high pitched noises originating in the front of the Suzuki. These are an indicator that the front bushes may be on their way out. Test your suspicions by pushing down on the bonnet of the car when it’s stationary and if it takes more than 1.5 bounces to return to position then you will probably need to replace both bushes.

As with many cars of this size, the Suzuki Swift is a good choice for a second car or a city run-around for those short urban trips where you want a good degree of acceleration, but top speed is no big deal. Whilst it might not be the best for a big family – an older person or a first-time driver is the ideal owner and with the right checks you should be able to get a bargain on the road.

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