What are the most common problems that crop up with the Citroën C4?

Citroen C4 car

The Citroën C4 combines style and comfort with a distinctive design that distinguishes it from its competitors. The car has various body styles, including hatchback, sedan, and coupe-like models. It comes in electric, petrol and diesel options.

As with most cars, the Citroën C4 has its fair share of problems, as reported by drivers and owners. From automatic gearbox problems to cheap fittings and loose trims, we’ll guide you through the most common gripes you might encounter with the Citroën. 

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What are the most common problems with the Citroën C4?

From oil leaks to rattling doors, here are some of the most common problems Citroën C4 drivers and owners have reported. 

Automatic gearboxes

Drivers have criticised the automatic gearboxes used in the C4 for their lack of smoothness and responsiveness. Some owners have reported jerky shifts, hesitation, and even complete gearbox failures, requiring expensive replacements or repairs.

Manual gearboxes

Some Citroën C4 owners with manual gearboxes have also experienced problems related to gear changes, such as stiff or rigid gear shifts, making it difficult to change gears smoothly. Problems with the steering system or the Citroën C4’s steering rack have also been reported, which can result in a poor driving experience.

Excessive wear on the brakes

The brakes on the Citroën C4 need to be replaced relatively often. The front brake pads usually only last around 18,600 miles before needing to be changed, although it’s a reasonably cheap replacement. Previous owners suggest replacing the brake discs at the same time as the pads because the discs start vibrating when worn down. The rear brake pads tend to last longer, usually around 50k miles.

Car shock absorber

Suspension problems

Some Citroën C4 owners have reported hearing creaking or knocking sounds from the suspension when driving over bumps or uneven roads. Another issue is uneven tyre wear, where the tyres wear down unevenly. These suspension troubles are frequently caused by worn-out or damaged suspension parts like shocks, struts, or other components. Replacing the worn suspension pieces is usually needed to fix the noises and uneven tyre wear.

Rust and corrosion

Like many vehicles, the C4 can be susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially in areas where road salt is heavily used or in coastal environments. Common areas prone to rust include the wheel arches, door sills, and around the windshield and rear window.

Electrical problems

Electrical gremlins are a common complaint among C4 owners. Issues range from central locking failures, where the doors won’t lock or unlock, to window regulators getting stuck and random warning lights on the dashboard. Drivers have also reported faults with the cruise control function and the handbrake failing to engage or release.

Climate control issues

There could be several reasons for the air conditioning in your C4 not cooling or heating the inside of the car properly. One likely cause is a lack of refrigerant, which means the system needs to be topped up or refilled. Another potential problem is a faulty or failing A/C compressor, which may make a rattling noise. Damage to the A/C condenser, often caused by stones or road debris hitting it, can also prevent proper cooling or heating. 

Issues with parts like the throttle valve, expansion valve, heat exchanger, or thermostat can all contribute to the air conditioning system needing to be fixed in the C4. Checking and replacing worn or damaged components and filters is usually necessary to get the A/C working correctly again.

Citroen C4 interior

Quality concerns on the car’s interior

Some C4 owners have criticised the use of certain plastic materials and trim pieces, reporting premature wear, scratches, or rattles developing over time. The fit and finish of certain interior components have also been called into question by some owners.

Is the C4 reliable?

Overall, the C4’s reliability is considered average to below average compared to its competitors in the compact car segment. Citroën finishes 28th out of 32 in WhatCar?’s most recent reliability survey, which is something to consider. 

Proper maintenance and addressing issues promptly can help mitigate some problems. However, the suspension and electrical gremlins have been recurring pain points for many C4 owners.

Reliability can vary based on the specific model year, driving conditions, and how the vehicle has been cared for. Prospective buyers should research common issues for the particular C4 model they’re considering and factor in any potential repair costs.

Is the C4 expensive to maintain?

The Citroën C4 is generally considered a moderately expensive vehicle to maintain due to a few key factors. Its suspension system, electrical components, and brake system are prone to issues that can require costly repairs or replacements. Maintenance items like timing belt changes and using new or used Citroën C4 parts can affect running costs.

However, costs vary based on the specific model year, driving conditions, and whether you use a dealership or an independent mechanic for services and repairs. Proper maintenance is crucial to avoid major repairs down the line. While the C4 may not be the most expensive compact car to maintain, its unique features and potential for recurring problems make it somewhat costlier to keep on the road compared to some of its more conventional rivals.

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