Ford Mondeo Common Problems

Ford MondeoThe Ford Mondeo is one of this manufacturer’s most successful and iconic models, which took over from the Ford Cortina as the flagship four door sedan car. It has seen many iterations, including a highly popular estate car and you’ll still see many of these vehicle on the roads today.

It is a very well-engineered car that has a small number of reported faults given the high numbers sold over the years. With good reliability and satisfaction scores, it makes for a decent second hand car. If you are thinking of purchasing a Ford Mondeo, make sure you check with our list of commonly occurring problems.

Dual Mass Flywheel

Listen for a rattle in the engine of the Ford Mondeo. This is one of the tell-tale signs that there are problems with the dual mass flywheel, which is more likely to occur if the car has been driven at high speeds or completed in excess of 120,000 miles. This is an expensive part to replace, requiring the services of an expert mechanic.

Power Steering

Mondeos that were made between 1996 and 1999 are known to suffer from issues with the power steering, which could result in a knocking noise or a juddering feeling as you are turning corners. This problem can be simply fixed by replacing the return line, which will stop the noise and problems.

Remote Central Locking

There are known issues with the remote central locking on many Mondeos, so make sure you perform all the relevant tests by repeatedly locking and unlocking the doors before you take it out for a test drive. This could be a problem with the key fob, which may need new batteries or may require a complete replacement for around £150.


Make sure you take the time to view the car after it has been stationary and dormant for a good time, as there is a fault with the car where the electric windows have been known to wind down on their own. It is quite difficult to test for this fault, so it may be worthwhile having an upfront conversation with the seller about whether this issue is occurring.

Fuel Injector

When the car is parked, walk around the vehicle and pay attention to the smell. If you can detect the scent of diesel fuel in the air then there’s a very good chance that there is a problem with the fuel injector system, which could be leaking. This should have been fixed in a model wide recall, so check the service history of the car.

Air Con

The air conditioning is known to cause problems in the Ford Mondeo, with failures in the condenser unit stopping the system from working. When you sit inside any Ford Mondeo that you are thinking of buying, simply check that the air conditioner works correctly when set to the colder temperatures.

The Ford Mondeo is a good choice for a second hand car and there are a lot of parts available at a competitive prices should you have any faults further down the line. A very economic buy that will get you on the road without having to splash too much money on your purchase.

For affordable replacement engines, gearboxes and more, see our new and used Ford Mondeo parts page.

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