Ford Fusion Common Problems

Ford badgeThe Ford Fusion is a popular mini multi-purpose vehicle that owes its heritage to the unbelievably ubiquitous Ford Fiesta. After a launch in 2002, it saw a ten year production run in Europe with several different editions giving a choice of 4 speed automatic, 5 speed semi-automatic and 5 speed manual cars available across 1.4L and 1.6L engines.

A number of revisions were made to the range, introducing more stylish body trim and comfort features. When it comes to on the road reliability, it has that Ford feeling and parts for the car are plentiful and cost effective. This doesn’t however mean that it is a completely safe buy, and in this article we explore some of the most common faults.


There are several models with reported transmission problems across the range. These include rough shifting and whining sounds on the 2007 edition, slippage on the 2008 models and banging on the 2.5L 2012 models. In some cases you can get away with simply re-programming the powertrain, in other situations a full on replacement is required. If you notice any of these problems we would suggest walking away and taking a look at an alternative fusion.

Power Steering

Thinking of buying a 2011 Fusion? Pay particular attention to the steering when you are out on the open road in both directions, especially when making those slow turns. Does the handling seem heavy? Do you have difficulties getting the car on track? And more importantly are you hearing strange groaning and croaking noises coming from the system? If the answer is yes then you are probably looking at a replacement steering rack as an additional spend. And that might just be enough to make you turn away.

Fuel Pump

With the 2012 Fusion you want to look out for a range of problems including rising temperature, loss of power when the vehicle is under stress, failure to start and sudden surging. Combine these symptoms and the possible culprit is a faulty fuel pump that’s known to cause difficulties in traction and engine response. Normally you will be looking at a complete replacement of the part, which is going to be an unwelcome expense.

Dash Warning LightsEngine warning light

Keep an eye out on the dashboard lights when you’re considering whether or not to purchase a Ford Fusion. There’s known problems across the whole range with the ABS sensor lights, which activate even though there are no faults with the system. Additionally, take care with 2008 models of the Fusion, where the engine light can also illuminate for no reason. Needless to say, you should not be buying a car with a warning light engaging, even if the seller tells you there’s nothing to worry about.

Door Latches

Before you take the Ford Fusion out on the road for a test drive, be sure to go around the vehicle and check all the door latches, which have a propensity to break, especially on 2008 versions of the car. If these are not working then it is a fairly simple replacement, although if you are purchasing as a family car then it will obviously cause some issues.

The Ford Fusion is definitely a good buy for someone looking for their first car as it offers great fuel economy and shouldn’t break the bank with insurance costs. For the same reasons it makes a great second family car, perfect for those short outings to the shops or local hopping around. Elderly relatives may also benefit from its easy handling and ample storage space, giving them real motoring on a budget.

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