Honda Jazz common problems

Honda JazzThe Honda Jazz is a practical and easy to run city car that is popular amongst the older generation with its comfortable and roomy cabin. Although it’s an expensive purchase new, this car still makes a good second hand run-around and is a good choice for someone who wants both space and urban manoeuvrability.

If you’re looking at potentially purchasing one of these cars, then you’ll want to watch out for the following warning signs that the vehicle is suffering from a well-known and widely reported issue.


There are a number of reported faults with brake pads across the range of Jazz models. These usually appear as premature wear and tear on the unit, which can lead to an increased braking distance and the need for early replacement of the pads. As a result be sure to check the brakes at speed in any second hand model you’re considering buying.


As with all second hand cars watch out for problems with the electrics in the vehicle. With the Honda Jazz there are widely reported issues with the window control units, which may appear hesitant and slow to respond to control switches, so make sure that you thoroughly check every door as the problem is localised.

Gearbox problems

The seven speed CVT gearbox was introduced on the Jazz range in 2002. This bought in a number of problems that are indicators of damage or partial failure within the unit. These include juddering when pulling away and noisy gearbox problems. If you’re considering buying a model with a CVT gearbox then it’s worth getting the part checked out to ensure the fluid has been regularly replaced and that the belt is in good working order.

Be aware that there are also reported problems with the manual gear system on certain Jazz models suffering from a selection problem, but this is fairly rare.

Door issues

When you’re looking at a second hand Jazz, always check all the door locks with the key provided as there is a common fault with the locks wearing out and becoming seized. Another area of concern is around the rear doors where you’ll want to check that the seals at the edges are not cracked, as this will let in water whilst driving in the rain.

Leaks in the car rear

Leaks in the wheel arches in the rear of some Jazz models can let water into the boot, which will pool on the boot floor. Check the seals in these areas for damage as these are the culprit, and even though they are fairly cost effective and easy to replace, the contents of your boot may not be so resistant.


Take the time to park up your potential second hand Jazz on an incline and check that the handbrake holds the car in position. There is a known problem with the callipers that stops the brake from holding even the slightest weight. This is quite a costly fix too, requiring the replacement of the whole unit.

Exhaust blockages

If the car you’re looking at purchasing has been used primarily as a city run around then you’ll want to check that the exhaust is functioning correctly. As the engine will not have worked up to its full capacity there can be issues with blockages in the exhaust system, which could lead to the jerky running of the vehicle.

Overall the Jazz is a good buy and you’ll often find bargains in the second hand dealer’s shop. A simple check however will ensure that you do not buy a car that will end up costing you that little bit – or whole lot – more in the long run.

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