11 Ways to Help Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

man cleaning car interiorWinter is well and truly here. There is no getting around it, all we can do is deal with the multiple implications of the cold. You might think that the warm cabin of your car is something of a sanctuary in the face of the freeze, but if you don’t take the proper precautions, you could drag a slice of ice into the compartment with you.

Never fear because we have some practical tips that could help you stay on top of the battle against the elements during the colder snaps. Use our advice to make sure that you do not fall foul of water, salt, snow and all the other wintertime wonders that haunt us at this time of year.

Clear Out

First things first. If the floor of your car is covered in papers and McDonalds boxes this could turn into an unholy mush when put into contact with wet or snowy shoes. Not only could this horrible paste dry into your carpets, dyes from packaging could even leak into the upholstery and seats. Make sure you get rid of all the junk regularly to avoid problems.

Regular Vacuuming

hoovering car seat

Ensure that dirt and dust does not have a chance to get ground into your carpets and seats with a regular vacuuming. Some garages still have powerful vacuum systems that can help you get rid of the muck. Wet dirt often needs a chance to dry out, so we would always recommend performing the process after the car has been rested.

Carpet Protection

Purchase one of the special hydrophobic car carpet protection sprays now available to stop stains and watermarks in their tracks. These clever liquids actually work to repel fluids and can give you that extra peace of mind when you’re sipping hot milky coffees on the way to work. Do a little research and choose a brand with good reviews and feedback on the web.

Upholstery Protection

It is not only carpets that get the barrier treatment. Many of the hydrophobic sprays you can purchase also work on car seats as well as the flooring. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and use these special chemicals to protect your vehicle’s upholstery from everything from dirty snow to hot tea.

Leather Restoration

Leather seats always need a little more attention than their synthetic cousins. This is especially true in the cold when the low temperatures can draw all the moisture out of the material making it prone to cracking. You can purchase leather replenishment creams that will help restore your seats to their former glory. Work this carefully into the surface of the leather paying special attention to damaged areas, and remove excess cream near stitching and joins with a cloth before leaving to dry.

Protection Mats

rubber car matsYou may be proud of the way you negotiated in those free car mats at the dealership, but are they really doing the business when it comes to protecting your carpet? Get the heavy-duty protection your carpet deserves by upgrading the thin mats to some hardcore rubber barriers offered by specialist matting that will keep the water, ice, grit, chemicals and pretty much everything else away from your beautiful car carpets. When it comes to selling the car second hand, you will realise the value of this investment.

Damage Free Trim and Dash

Splashes of salt water and anti-freeze could damage the trim in your cabin or on your dash. Stop the damage before it even starts with some kitchen roll in the car to make sure that you remove any liquid when it drops on your precious plastic. Keeping a handy lidded receptacle is the perfect solution to getting rid of used paper cloths.

Clear and Clean Glass

One of the biggest problems in the winter is condensation on the inside of your windscreen. If you’re in a rush in the mornings, you might be forgiven for cleaning this off with a little piece of tissue or an old cloth. Unfortunately, this may have left various kinds of smudges and smears on the glass. Purchase a glass cleaning kit that comes with all the chemicals and cloths you need to give yourself 100% crystal clear visibility then read this.

Hygienic Spray

Everyone knows that germs and illnesses are rife in the winter. Reduce your chances of catching a bug with medical sprays and wipes to ensure you’re your passengers’ hands are clean in the car. Keep tissues nearby for sneezes and coughs, and you can help make sure your vehicle isn’t a contagious zone.

Organisation Rules

Letting your car’s cold weather tools float around in the back of the car is not always a good thing. People can step on sprays or break your scraper. Why not purchase a caddy to sit in the back of your vehicle and store everything you need away for that snowy day? This way you don’t have to deal with the irony of clearing up the things you bought to clear up your car.

Feet First

When you get into your vehicle make sure that everyone takes the time to knock the snow and ice off their boots. In some cases, you might even want to put down a couple of bin bags in the boot of your car and get people to change their shoes before getting in the compartment. Dirty ice on feet will get ground into the carpet all too easily. Prevent this problem with a little forward thought.

Of course, the one thing we couldn’t put on the list is your attitude. If you are the type of person who cannot be bothered with cleaning until the last minute, then your car could suffer in the long-term. Think about setting regular times aside to clean out your vehicle and this way you can preserve the price as well as avoiding any nasty stains and smells that could become a permanent passenger.

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