Audi TT Common Problems

Audi TTThe Audi TT is an iconic vehicle, with some saying it takes more than a slice of inspiration from the VW Beetle. Audi are staying quite tight lipped about the car’s origins, although we can be sure that it is named after the famous Isle of Man TT race.

Originally manufactured as a 2 door coupe, this car is a fast roadster available as a nippy 1.8L all the way up to a top of the range 3.2L, which will chew up the motorways. And of course, as an Audi is brand you can trust, the TT is a very good second hand investment. Thinking of purchasing one? Check out this article to make sure you avoid some of the most common problems known to beset this model of car.

Instrumentation and Instrument Cluster

One of the most common problems reported with the Audi TT is with the instrument cluster and information readouts. This includes issues with the lights and dials, which are known to jump about as a late indicator that the part is failing. Check that all the lights are working and that all the temperature gauges work properly as replacing this part, which is sometimes known as a dash-pod, can be very expensive.

Cam Belt

Not so much a problem with the car as with the manufacturer’s servicing recommendations. Audi informed owners to replace the cam belt in their TT every 80K miles. In fact, the part really needs changing every 60K miles, or can cause severe problems with the engine. If you are thinking of purchasing a second hand Audi TT check when the part was last replaced.

Water Pump

Like the cam belt, the water pump on the Audi TT also has a 60K lifespan. Many online owner’s guides recommend that both parts should be changed at the same time. Therefore, it is definitely worth checking when the part was last replaced in the service history.


When you take your second hand Audi TT for a test drive check the movement on the DSG gearbox. If it seems fairly hesitant and you cannot feel the trademark silky smooth motion that this part is supposed to give the drive, then it is likely that the mechatronic unit is on its way out. An expensive repair; you will need to pay at least four figures for a reconditioned unit.


Listen carefully for a knocking sound when you are taking any second hand Audi TT on the road. It’s likely that any kind of bumping sound coming from the front of the car has its origins with faulty bushes. With the Audi TT this is usually the roll bar bushes and you’ll need to replace both the front wishbones and anti-roll bars to bring the vehicle’s ride quality up to par.

Coil Pack

When you leave your potential Audi TT purchase idling, does it misfire and give you a generally rough ride? If this is the case then the cause could well be a failed coil pack in the engine. This is a well-known issue with many models in the Audi range and requires you to locate the faulty coil before replacement.

Electric Window Switch

There is an issue with the electric windows on the Audi TT. The switches are often defective and are known to break, requiring a replacement. When the car is stationary, take the time to check each of the windows on an individual basis to ensure that the window winds both up and down.

Air Mass Sensor

If it feels like your vehicle is suffering from a distinct lack of power or the ride is jittery, then one of the possible causes is a faulty air mass meter or sensor. This is an expensive part to replace so take care to note how well your potential Audi TT purchase handles when you put down the accelerator.

The Audi TT is a good second hand car and has a very nice travelling compartment and looks good on the road. It is a car that has the power to get noticed, although its usage is probably a little stretched as anything other than a couples or single’s car due to a lack of serious room in the back. Convertible types are quick to convert and thanks to the vehicle’s lightweight construction, there’s plenty of fuel economy too and there are still plenty of second hand models on the road today meaning the availability of used Audi TT parts is high.

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