Our Top 10 New Year’s Driving Resolutions

new years resolutions

Christmas is out of the way and New Year is upon us. As you hold your dram of whiskey in the air and sing out your allusions to the great Robert Burns, the next thing on the seasonal list is making a resolution. Whilst most people like to make a commitment to personal change – we thought you might want to try something different this year, and look at the way you use your car and drive it around.

We have taken the top ten New Year’s resolutions that are commonly made by residents of the UK, and put our own automotive spin on these self-made promises. See if any of them take your fancy, and allow you to pile on the pies, whilst you put all the emphasis on a change in motoring.

Exercise More

Unsurprisingly the country’s favourite resolution is making a commitment come January 1st to get more active. We hate to break the news, but you are unlikely to shed the flab and get energised behind the wheel of your motor. So when it’s time to grab that extra pint from the local shops – or to take the kids to school, consider leaving the car behind and gaining some fitness.

Lose Weight

And we’re not talking about getting a gastric band in response to all those mince pies you have been scoffing over the festive break. Have you considered dropping a few pounds out of the motor this New Year? Remove all that clutter from the boot and only fill the tank up half-way to put the colour back in your wallet and give us all a healthier environment as you improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Quit Smoking

smoking exhaust pipe

If your car is belching out black smoke from the exhaust it’s a sign that not all is well within the state of your engine. The most likely culprit is unburned fuel within the fumes, but the underlying cause of this pollution could mean costly repairs if you don’t get it looked at quickly. Make a resolution to get that old smoker down to the mechanics to kick this filthy habit.

A More Active Approach to Health

Treat your car with kindness and it will last you for many more years to come. Take a look at some of our recent blogs for advice on how to ensure you are getting the maximum out of your car’s parts and remember, a steady foot on the road and a simple calm driving style will stop your car from coming under too much stress.

Learn a New Skill

Everyone likes to think they are a real Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel, but are you being completely truthful? Most drivers can benefit from brushing up their skills with an advanced driving course, which gives you a number of benefits including road safety and handling skills. Many insurers now offer a reduction in the premium for drivers who have taken this course of action, and with a smoother ride you get less wear on your tyres and better fuel economy.

Cleaner Consumption

Still hocking it around in that old diesel of yours? Did you know that you can take advantage of the government’s scrappage schemes, where you can actually get money for your old car? If that’s not like Christmas come 12 months early, then we don’t know what is. Make the leap to unleaded now and keep the polar bears and penguins a little happier.

Spend Less & Save More

Why let the garage get all the glory? Use our handy guide to service your car yourself, make sure that all your parts are up to date and ensure the good running of your car. Each of those little changes will get easier with practice. Just don’t tell your friends that you have been servicing your car or they’ll all want a piece of your new found mechanical skills.

Lower Those Stress Levels

Getting stressed behind the wheel of the car is no good for anyone. Especially you. Stay cool, calm and collected and don’t gesticulate at people or make any moves out of anger. Remember that when you approach a situation with a hot head, you’re only going to make the situation worse. If you regularly have trouble with bad moods and rage, then try soothing music, practice deep breathing and give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going.

Drink Less

fuel nozzle in a car

No, we’re not talking about alcohol behind the wheel, but rather the undying thirst of your car’s fuel needs. Take a look at our article on how you can cut fuel consumption by 25% and get ready to not only reduce your bills, but also substantially cut your carbon footprint. If everyone does their bit then we can all get together and make a better, more environmentally friendly world.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

What is the point of being out and about on the road if you never put your wheels to good use? Make the commitment to go and see your best beloved and long lost family members in your weekends and weeks off – or you could even go on a road trip together. You might have to make the effort, but when you see the smiles on their faces and remember old times it will all be worthwhile. And a whole lot better than all that ridiculous pressure to have a great time with the presents, booze and stress at Christmas.

And of course, here at BreakerLink we are going to continue with our resolution to bring you great content and motoring tips throughout the whole year. Simply keep coming back to find out all the facts on used cars and getting the most out of your maintenance.

We wish you all the best of luck and fortune as you drive off into what might just shape up to be a turbocharged, high octane year where you put your foot down on life’s motorway.

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