What Your Wheel Rims Say About You…

Alloy wheelsOnce upon a time customising your car used to be solely the province of boy racers. Not these days as standing out from the crowd is becoming something for everyone. And one easy way to upgrade part of your vehicle is the rims. You don’t have to be in tune with engine mechanics or mess around with bodywork to change these simple wheel rims.

With so many people now changing their rims, we thought we’d form some broad generalisations about what kind of people opt for the various rims on offer in today’s market. This article takes a wry look at some of the possibilities…

Standard Rims

We’re talking no imagination here. You probably drink lager if you’re a bloke or pinot grigio if you’re a girl. A down to earth, easy going type who likes things as they are and doesn’t want to rock the boat. You probably own seven cardigans the same but in a different colour for each day of the week and the last time you took a risk was eating a prawn sandwich on the day it went out of date.

Missing Hub Cabs

A sign there’s a screw lose? You probably associate yourself with Mad Max, imagining that you lost your hub cap in some post-apocalyptic dystopia. The truth is you’re all over the place, a bit like the way you drive. You leave things to the last minute and frequently fly by the seat of your pants on all manner of matters. You could probably get a replacement for the missing cap, if only you could find your car keys in the morning to drive you down to the parts shop.

Sporty Alloys

If you have these on an appropriate motor then you’re a flash so and so. We’d probably be a little jealous of you if it wasn’t for the fact that you have a tendency to miss out of the emotional subtleties of life. However if you have sporty alloy wheels on an old crud car we’re more likely to imagine you’re either a thief or trying to over compensate for something. Most likely an old crud car, of course.

Larger Rims

You’re probably one of those people who likes to think things through. There’s a reason behind everything in your life and you’ve done enough research on the internet to know that larger rims handle better. You eat Weetabix with dried fruit in the morning and have never gone near a cigarette in your life. Careful, cautious and metered, people worry about getting into financial disputes with you.

Lightweight Rims

The many people who pass your car at the organic fruit and veg store don’t realise that your rims are made from a lightweight composite material. This doesn’t worry you as having these energy-saving wheel trims is reward enough for the good that you’re doing the planet. It’s almost as good as getting a bike in your opinion, and perhaps in some ways, a little bit better too.

Silver or Chrome Rims

When everyone was choosing their favourite Spice Girl you used to love Victoria Beckham, but you’d never admit it now as you’re far too busy worrying about how your latest selfie looks on Instagram. We’re not saying you’re vain, it’s more that you think you’re a little cut above everyone else. To confirm this you’ve purchased some very shiny rims so you can give yourself an all too assured little wink in your reflection as you step in your car.

Black Rims

In the face of the public you’re that confident and sporty guy or girl who lives life mainly on a sporting holiday, flowing down a zip-line or carving up the powder on a snowboard. In fact you’re so into running, triathlon, mountain biking and every other activity under the sun that it’s a miracle you even get time to slip in behind the wheel of your motor – or maybe you simply don’t fancy running down to the swimming pool in the rain.

Multi-Coloured Rims

You certainly don’t run with the pack and there’s a very good reason for this – you’re an artistic type. That’s why you’ve decided to let the world know in the easiest way possible. By putting on an exhibition, only not one that’s held in a gallery. By sporting the world’s most outrageously coloured rims on your vehicle, there’s no way that the world won’t realise you’re the creative type.

One thing’s for sure, no matter what type of rims you have on your car, if you’ve taken the time out to customise it then you must take pride in your motor. Keeping your car looking its best is a pleasure for many people round the world and giving it a unique profile is an excellent way to express your individuality.

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