The Best Five Cars for Towing – That You Can Buy Today for Under £5K

car towing a caravanThe sun is shining and you’re thinking about breaking out the old caravan once again. Not every car is equipped to pull your home from home, so we thought we’d help you out by taking a deeper look at the car market. We managed to come back with 5 top second hand motors that you can pick up for less than £5K that are excellent for towing.

If you want something that’s going to do the business, then check out our recommendations for your next towing vehicle:

Volvo xc90

This is a stylish and rugged 4×4 that has exactly what you need for those long journeys. Relax in comfort and keep the family safe with this winner of Practical Caravan’s 2007 Tow Car Awards. The Volvo xc90 has plenty of room in the boot and the power under the bonnet can easily pull family caravans including twin axle models.

With plenty of extras available there should be a wide choice of options but be aware that the petrol versions are more on the thirsty side than the diesel vehicles. And even though the newer versions can be a little on the pricey side, the older models on the market should have depreciated nicely by now offering you that Volvo engineering at a price that’s right. Finally, check the service history to ensure that any recall work has been completed – otherwise you’re on a winner.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia

With a low purchase price from the offset the Skoda Octavia is the money car on this list for drivers on a budget. Double down on that initial price with good fuel economy and great pulling power and you’re looking at a spacious vehicle that can carry all the food and supplies necessary for a fun time at camp. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury you may be a little disappointed. We’re talking practical not posh.

At the heart of this beast sits a reliable Volkswagen turbodiesel engine that’s known for build quality and reliability. 4×4 is a common option across the range so you can lose that fear of having to leave on the rainiest day of the summer when lesser cars may fall victim to the wheel spin in the mud. Finally, there’s the speed to consider, which should give you all the confidence you need behind the wheel when joining the motorway at speed whilst towing.

Ford Galaxy

There’s a whole universe of choice when it comes to selecting a second-hand Ford Galaxy. Obviously if you have a whole tribe of kids or the grandparents are tagging along then you have the vital extra seating, which doesn’t impact on the luggage space available. Want the numbers? 308 litres with the seats up and 2325 litres with the seats down.

Comfort is maximised in the Zetec trim level model, giving you all the mod-cons like climate control, electric windows, allow wheels and Isofix child seats. You’ll find the on the road speeds to be fairly decent, but if you want that damp grass and wet ground reliability offered by a 4×4 you may be better off trying something a bit more on the chunky side. Alongside a good sales price expect a good fuel economy weighing in at around 46 mpg.

VW Passat

Want the towing power of a boxy estate car with the laid-back elegance offered by a saloon without having to pay the big bucks? The VW Passat is a great option with one of the best interior set ups of any vehicle on this list. It offers that Teutonic comfort combined with top quality engineering and a fuel economy that delivers a very attractive 53.3 mpg.

Look for the more pokey twin-turbo models and the 4Motion four-wheel drive vehicles when it comes to the power you need to haul your caravan, which gives you a vital boost of 200kg in ability. With over 550litres in the boot too, you’re not penalised for your saloon choice, but make sure you shop around to find the price that’s right.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

With a very good reputation for reliability, you’re getting tried and tested motoring from the Nissan X-Trail. 4×4 power combined with 7 seats means big engine torque coupled with all the holiday carrying capacity you’ll ever need. Stay away from petrol models however, with diesel vehicles topping the stats for fuel economy.

Keep your eye out for cars that are over 10 years old as these should fit the bill whilst till providing you with over 2.2 metric tonnes of pulling ability. With the big SUV stylings of this car you’ll eat up the problem ground and difficult terrain, making it a good choice for those of you out there who love out of the way caravan parks and campsites.

And Finally

Generally speaking the estates and saloons listed here will in most cases be able to tow a caravan unless you have your heart set on the larger twin-axle family size caravans – in which case only large 4x4s or grunt heavy estate cars will be up to the job.

Also remember that with some licenses you may need to take an additional test to be able to legally drive on the UK roads.

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