Peugeot 307 Common Problems

Peugeot LogoThe Peugeot 307 is a top-notch production from this well-respected French manufacturer. It instantly turned heads on its release, catching the attention of the judges on the Car of the Year panel who awarded it with the top prize in 2002. Available with 7 different petrol engines, including 3 16-valve editions and a meaty 2.0 litre diesel variant, this car gives you a lot of choice when it comes to fuel economy and power.

Notable for its reliability and quality motoring, the Peugeot 307 tends to be a solid buy that’s hard to fault. However, many second-hand cars are plagued by a few issues that occur across the range. Make sure that you don’t fall fowl of a poor purchasing decision with our common problems list.

Indicator Stalks

When you are out on the open road make sure you pay specific attention to any kind of clicking noise that seems to be making its way out of the steering column. This is a sure sign that the indicators are about to fail, which will require a full replacement of the steering column, making this one to avoid.

Body Panel Alignment

There is a known problem with the body panels on the 307. Keep your eye on the exterior of the car as you scan all over the vehicle for a pre-test drive inspection. If there are any kinks or uneven joins between the panels, then this is an indicator that the vehicle’s body panel alignment isn’t quite right and will slow the car and reduce fuel efficiency. Not really what you’re after.

Power Windows

There’s a well-known fault with the 307’s powered windows. If you are looking at getting one of these convenient Peugeots, then be vigilant about checking all the power operation systems as these are sometimes known to fail and thus if you cannot open the window, you’ll be looking at a replacement motor.

Brake Pedals

When you buy a second-hand car, you expect to have brake pedals that work – but not brake pedals that break. This is one of the known faults in the 307, so ensure that the pedals are complete and not third-party replacements as this could affect the operation when you are out on the open road.


When taking the 307 out for a test drive, listen out for any clunking or clicking sounds coming from underneath the car, when turning slowly on full lock. This is a sure-fire sign that there could be a problem with the driveshaft. As this is such a costly problem to fix be sure to check both left and right turns.

Electrical Issues

There are a few gremlins in this Peugeot. Some drivers of the 307 have reported issues with the electrics shutting down completely and then coming back on for no apparent reason what-so-ever. If there’s even a whiff of electric nonsense with your potential purchase, we would suggest you step away and don’t look back over your shoulder.

As with all small cars, the 307 is a good buy for the motorist on a budget, who wants a car that has quality performance with a good range of spare parts available. Perfect for older people who want to nip about and good for city driving – you can’t go far wrong spending your money on this diminutive Peugeot.

For affordable replacement engines, gearboxes and more, check out our new and used Peugeot 307 parts page.

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