What We Know About The New Land Rover Defender…

Land Rover DefenderThe Defender has been pulled from Land Rover production queues since the company decided it is no longer viable and it fails to meet modern safety and emissions standards.

We know there’s a new model on the cards, but what do we know about it?

Is Land Rover’s arm being twisted?

Let’s face it, the Land Rover Defender has not been that profitable in the last few years, but as a core element of the company’s brand they simply can’t afford to let it go.

A victim of its own promotional success the vehicle has cameoed in some classic TV and film productions including Last of the Summer Wine and James Bond. The car has become so synonymous with the brand, Land Rover cannot simply separate itself from the Defender.

As a result it looks like Land Rover have been forced into the production of the new model, rather than basing the decision on business profitability.

A Rocky Start

Land Rover are anything but keen to commence work on their new Land Rover Defender. The vehicle was originally scheduled to go on production lines in 2018, but this has already now been pushed back to 2019.

According to the popular motoring press the reasons behind this stall are mainly due to the business case for the new model. Without a clear indicator of demand it is difficult for the company to anticipate the financial viability.

Completely Different

To achieve the required sales volumes, the new model will be more family orientated with five different designs, swerving the previous farmer’s toolbox on wheels set up in favour of a more modern look that’s in keeping with its SUV rivals.

The new model is set to be a slick family city mobile and there are serious doubts as to whether the car will be seen in its natural habitat again. Is this car really the spiritual child of the much-loved Defender, or is it simply comprised of compromises from a once famous brand?

And where to build the new Defender?

To add to the overall farce the Land Rover cannot even decide on the best place to build the new Land Rover Defender. It seems that there is a battle going on between the old location in Solihull and a potential money saving option in Slovakia.

Whilst the Eastern European option seems the more likely and the less costly, an integral part of the Land Rover Defenders image has been its British provenance. Will this change upset brand lovers?

If you can’t buy it – steal it

Now that the last Land Rover Defender has rolled off the production lines, it seems that thieves have also picked up on the vehicles collectability. All over the web there are reports of cars being pinched right off the drive-ways of owners, with criminals bypassing even the most sophisticated immobiliser and anti-theft devices.

Heritage Restoration Program

Land Rover are not completely deserting their old workhorse. Twelve employees have been selected to work on a unique Defender restoration team. This will be used to take older vehicles in a state of disrepair and bring them back to their former glory.

Land Rover Trips

And if you want to find out for yourself what all the hype is about the Land Rover Defender, then you can take advantage of one of the numerous trips that are now being offered around the globe. Travel from Birmingham to Kabul and experience that classic feeling of being in a hot tin box as you bump around from place to place in vintage fashion.

Impact of Import

Finally if you want to get your hands on a good version of this classic car then it seems that Japan is the best place to go. With laws that allow the import of even the newer Defenders, it is possible to pick up some real bargains. So much for made in Britain.

And Finally

With all this noise about the Land Rover Defender the future of the classic car is about as clear as mud coming off the tyres of one of these vintage vehicles. The only thing for sure is that the original is only set to become even more of a style icon.

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