Peugeot 207 Common Problems

Peugeot 207ccThere are mini motors. Then there are super-minis. One of these, hailing from the continental construction factories of the French, is the awesome Peugeot 207. With a production run that started in 2006 and finished in 2014, this is a good value car that has what it takes to wear the big trousers created by the very popular 206.

Using a modified platform originally created for the Citroen C3, the 207 was built for city motoring with 3 engine sizes on offer, including 1.4 and 1.6 litre engines, with the option to go turbo-charged and inter-cooled if you want high end motoring in a short-frame car.

Even though this little car is very reliable, it doesn’t get away without any problems. Before you part with your money for a second-hand vehicle, consider our list of faults to ensure you don’t end up with a lemon.


When you’re driving out on the open road, are there problems with the 207’s electrics? Unfortunately, there’s a well-known fault with the alternator, especially on older models of this Peugeot stalwart that can cause power issues throughout the vehicle. A car with this fault should not even be driven, let alone be considered as a candidate for your next motor.

Windscreen Clips

Are you thinking of buying a 3-door version of the 207? This car has a few niggles and one of the most often reported is a problem with a shaky windscreen, due to the fixing clips not holding out over the years. You should have no problems noticing this fault, which causes a rattling sound through-out the vehicle. If it’s too annoying, simply don’t buy.


Be conscious about your potential purchase’s age. If you’re looking at an early model 207, then be aware that the dashboard came in for a lot of stick as a particularly vulnerable part. Ensure that all the display elements are working correctly as in some cases this part was known to fail outright. Test all controls and every light you can, to try to check the part is fully functioning.

Wheel Bearings

Keep one ear open for a grinding or dragging sound as you’re out on the open road, which is a good indicator that the wheel bearings are close to failure. As these parts affect the car’s good running and fuel economy it is vital that they are regularly replaced. Avoid a car with these symptoms.

Suspension Dampers

When you’re out on the test drive, go down a road with an uneven or rough surface. You’re checking out the suspension systems, to make sure that the dampers are working properly. It there’s a bit more bounce than there should be, then you might be factoring the cost of some new suspension in with your second-hand purchase in the next few months, should you opt to buy this car.

Dashboard – Anti Pollution

When you take your potential Peugeot purchase out on the open highway, does the owner tell you not to worry about a couple of dashboard lights? If these are the anti-pollution system and the engine management lights, then avoid as this is a known glitch that can only be rectified by an official Peugeot dealer.


One of the most serious faults that can occur in the 207 is with the ECU. Over time leaks within the coolant system can affect the electrical systems. This can manifest in a number of ways, but the most common will be the car’s engine stopping whilst idling and the check engine light illuminating on the dash. Either of these problems should be a real red flag.

When it comes to first time motoring, the 207 is serious contender for your money – especially if you have a son or daughter that wants to get out on the road around city streets. It’s a good choice for a second motor too, offering great fuel economy against the larger long-haul family estate, making it the perfect ride to nip down the shops or to take the kids round grandma’s on a rainy afternoon.

For affordable replacement engines, gearboxes and more, check out our new and used Peugeot 207 parts page.

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