Replacing the Window Wiper Linkage

Windscreen wipersWhat is the window wiper linkage? This part connects both arms to the wiper motor and makes the arms move in synchronisation. As with all moving parts they can simply wear out or seize up over time. This will require the complete replacement of the window wiper linkage, rather than fixing an individual part. 

Changing the window wiper linkage is an easy task. Anyone with a small amount of mechanical knowledge and the right degree of patience should be able to do it in around about half an hour or so.

You will need: socket set, socket spanner

Step 1: locate the wiper linkage

Open the car bonnet and you’ll be able to see where the linkage is attached to the car’s wiper arms. The wiper arms are held on by two nuts which should each be covered by a cap. These caps and nuts will need to be removed to allow you to disconnect the wiper arms from the linkage. Then remove any trims that may cover the wiper linkage. These trims are also sometimes known as scuttle panels.

Step 2: disconnect the wiper linkage

Using the socket set remove the bolts that are holding the wiper linkage in place. When these have been removed, gently pull the linkage away from the car’s body. After you have disconnected this take the time to compare it to the new part to make sure that they match.

Step 3: install the new wiper linkage

Installing the new wiper linkage should be an easy process. Using the bolts disconnected from step 2, simply attach the new wiper linkage, then refit any trims removed over the top and finally reattach the wiper arms using the nuts removed during step 1.

You will need to ensure when refitting the wiper arms that you position them carefully checking that both wipers are locked into a similar position. This should be a relatively simply process, but you will want to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are fixed firmly in place.


When the replacement is complete, simply turn the electrics in the car on and check that the part is functioning correctly. You need to check there is a full range of movement and that the clearances of the wiper blades on the screen are ok and that the wiper arms do not collide with each other. If there is a problem with the linkage then this will mean there is no co-ordinated motion between the two arms.

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